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Why Practicing Yoga Is Must for Every Entrepreneurs

Why Practicing Yoga Is Must for Every Entrepreneurs

Friday August 02, 2019,

6 min Read


Image Credit: Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh

Running your business is a full time job. And this job is not limited to 40 hours a week, instead you could face issues at any time of the day and at any moment. If you’re an entrepreneur you’re never not on the clock, because that clock never exist. But, at the same time, it is vital to maintain work life balance. To achieve greater work/life balance as an entrepreneur, you should adopt and participate in non–work activities that benefits you in regards to work. One such activity is Yoga.

Yoga has plethora of benefits. Unfortunately, it won’t prevent difficult plights at work, but as an entrepreneur it will certainly help you manage stress and anxiety. One might think that how Yoga teacher training Rishikesh can help resolve cash flow problems, but the clear mindset after the yoga session can help you plan an approach strategy for the same. Entrepreneurs know and understand the importance of staying physically fit, but not as many succeed in giving time to their mental health.

DEVELOPS POSITIVE OUTLOOK – Yoga can be difficult. In the initial days, you might feel awkward especially when you make poses which you have never thought of. But it helps build strength and flexibility. But, gratitude is the most important component of yoga. Yoga is not a performance, instead its an act you’re doing to engage with yourself, your body and mind. When you perform yoga, focus on the positives, know what you have accomplished and have to accomplish. Try to forget or keep all the negatives aside.

For entrepreneurs, most of the time, the thoughts that pop up are negative such as losing a client, not reaching the sales numbers in this quarter or simply why the employees productivity is so low. Yoga teaches you to push yourself. It helps you accept who you are and for what you should be grateful. Do the best you can and be proud of how far you’ve come in your life.

REDUCES STRESS – Entrepreneurs are always on the lookout as to how they can avoid burnouts. Not only the regular practicing of yoga will affect your personal lifestyle but it will also affect the quality of work, too. Therefore, address all the stress related problems. And, no doubt, there are people who practice yoga because stress relief is its huge benefit.

Regardless of your daily hectic schedules or what is going on in your life, ensure to take out some time each day to do something good for yourself. Yoga is a great little exercise which even if done for 10 minutes daily, helps get rid of all the worries and tensions. Try doing it in morning time, because it is the time when both your body and mind are utmost fresh. By following this schedule diligently, you will be able to prioritize all tasks for the day in a much better way.

YOU DO THINGS ATTENTIVELY – You need an intention and an aim when you start with any yoga practice or any health regime. Set goals for yourself and only for that one session. The goals can be “forgive myself for not being perfect”, “make me capable enough so that I accept every new thing that comes my way” and “create the perfect work life balance.”

This helps you build a sense of clarity behind your vision so that you continue practicing with full determination and dedication. Knowing what you want to get out of it and the feelings you want to put out into the world means you get more out of your practice. Acting with intention is vital to help you run business. You’re an entrepreneur, you have to know how you can achieve the goal that is in front of you. When you have a clear picture in your mind of what you want from your life as well as business, reaching out to them becomes simple and easy.


Image Credit: Yoga Teacher Training in India

BOOSTS CONFIDENCE – At the end of each yoga class, while wishing you “Good Day” the instructor always ask you to thank yourself for “turning up”. If you attend your classes of yoga teacher training in India daily, it means you have already won half the battle. Practice makes the man perfect and you can’t improve in yoga poses until you’re regular in attending the classes. No matter you are having tough time or feeling low, attend the class – you will feel relaxed, rejuvenated and fresh.

When you’re an entrepreneur, remember you’re an example and an idol for many. This means it is your moral responsibility to take care of yourself both mentally and physically. This helps you produce better work overall. And for leading others, you should learn how to lead yourself.

If you’re a total newbie – in the starting days you’ll have zero flexibility and you’ll feel like that you can’t balance to save your life on one foot. Sometimes, you might get the feel why not yoga is the last thing on earth you should do. But showing up consistently every day without fail means you’re going to be better and best one day. There will come a time and day when you will become more flexible and have better endurance than you could have ever imagined. Do not dream of becoming the yogini sitting on the perch of the mountain, but any amount of progress matters.

Yoga is an extremely healthy practice for all individual, regardless of the age or designation. However, if the entrepreneurs adopt this activity as a daily routine, it will be highly beneficial for them. It will help reduce stress levels, boost confidence level, improve the decision making abilities and you will have a clear picture in mind of your business goals. And, not to forget, you’ll have a healthier body and an amazing lifestyle too.

Yoga helps you let go of control, slow down your mind, practice patience, and take a moment away from screens and work to be with yourself. You can do yourself and your business a favor – try challenging yourself to 30 days of yoga and be shocked at what more you can do.