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Why does social media matter in 2022 and beyond?

Likened to the digital word of mouth, social media drives online conversations and is capable of boosting a brand’s virtual presence. There is one catch: you have to be active on social media for it to benefit your business.

Why does social media matter in 2022 and beyond?

Wednesday September 11, 2019,

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Research suggests the average American spends nearly 116 minutes a day on social media every day. During this time, hundreds of brand impressions are made, and many users spend at least a few minutes researching businesses. Is your company receiving the same attention? If not, it might be time to review the many reasons social media matters when it comes to improving your business’ outlook.

  • Exposure. Perhaps the greatest benefit to having a solid social media strategy in place is the ability to gain increased online exposure almost instantly. By staying active on social media, your brand becomes visible to thousands of new leads on a daily basis.

  • Viral capability. One post, one meme, one video. What these have in common is the ability to go viral thanks to social media and its knack for reaching millions. One viral post could equate to hundreds of new customers.

  • Cultivate client relationships. Businesses have been using social media to make a deeper connection with existing clients. The result has been enhanced customer relationships, improved customer service, and increased brand loyalty.

  • Improved SERP ranking. A strong social media presence influences your search engine rankings more than you might think. Top search engines, including Google and Bing, use social impressions (from social media) to determine website rankings.

Diversifying Your Social Media Strategy

To produce the best results from a social media strategy, diversification is essential. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular social media platforms and how your business can benefit from using them.

  • Twitter: Used by brands primarily to engage with customers in real time, Twitter’s social platform helps companies gain authority in an industry, increase exposure, and disseminate brand-centered information.

  • Facebook: With more than a billion users, Facebook tops the charts of social media adoption. Although Facebook’s many changes have made it challenging for companies to increase organic impressions, the platform’s broad reach, ability to boost lead generation, and high engagement rates make it a must-have for businesses.

  • LinkedIn: Considered the most professional of all social media platforms, LinkedIn is ideally used for launching a company or CEO presence. Staying active on LinkedIn showcases your company’s commitment to professionalism while providing multiple opportunities to contribute thought leadership in your industry.

  • YouTube: Humans respond to visual content more than any other form. Needless to say, Google-owned YouTube is used to publish more than 100 hours of content per minute. Creating an active, branded YouTube presence can boost the success of your digital marketing campaigns while reaching an international audience.

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