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Why You Shouldn't Give Discounts?

Why You Shouldn't Give Discounts?

Monday December 24, 2018,

4 min Read

Everyday you window shop for many things and few of those end up in your cart. And among those, tiny fraction gets checked out. And it is all fine - we aren’t trying to lure you into buying all the stuff you check out.

We don’t care - we do care that when you have a product or service to buy in our area - then we are the first choice for you.

And slowly we are trying to bring in more products catered to your needs so we can serve you with better deals than any of our competitors.

Sometimes you choose us and sometimes you choose others - as long as you are choosing others because we can’t serve in that area, we are fine. Because we want to treat you better and it means not giving you bad service either.

But if you choose others despite us having the products that would mean we need to improve our overall offering to align in order to provide a value considerable for you.

On that note, it is our responsibility to define and tell you why we don’t give discounts.

Long term

We want to establish a long term relationship with you and we can only do that by making sure there is a trust and attention from your end.

Discounts are a strategy to win you in short term. But ultimately if the business isn’t earning enough it will shut down. So those giving discounts are either giving fake discounts - increasing price and then giving discounts. Or they want to lure the loyal customers of other ecommerce sites like us.

It works in short term. But ultimately they have to charge full price later once you are hooked. We could do that too - but price isn’t something we want you to consider while switching.

Our aim is to bring top-notch customer service - you don’t have to wait for more than 1 minute when you call us. Refunds and returns are hassle free, the ability to report sellers and items which are deceiving. We want you to become a part of our family so we are all in this together.

And we don’t leave hands of our family. Because family is forever. Yes, if you want to buy the item from other sites, we will be glad if you get it for less price; if that’s what you are looking for.

But if you are looking for guarantee, love, care, empathy and service in real sense - then we would be glad to help, guide and serve you.

No Gimmick

Discounts, limited offer and other such things can be legit. But in most of the ecommerce sites these has become gimmicks. They exists to trick you - and we can do that too. But we are here in the business to serve and not deceit.

All such gimmicks works and therefore people resort to this. But we believe you are smart, rational and deserve better.

Hence, we don’t resort to such gimmicks - discounts because of this holiday and then again next week. Or this item is limited and then it still is available after 1000 orders. We don’t want to give you false information.

If you see a limited on some items in our site then we will display an estimate number say - 200 more available and you can trust it will be legit. And or if we use discounts then it will be because some new companies are telling us to give it for more exposure. You can always read disclaimer to see why discount is being offered.

On rest all cases, we don’t give discounts because we have fairly priced everything in the first go. There is no gimmick involved in our pricing so we don’t need any gimmicks used by others.

We Are Here

If you want - we encourage you to try other ecommerce sites, because this will help you choose the right site. And it will help us serve the customers who want to be served our way - trust, empathy, love and service.

Thank you for reading this - this is our way of educating our customers on our policy of being transparent.

Here is for our long relationship - lots of love. Keep shopping, keep smiling.

Author Bio:

Rohan Bhardwaj is author of The Big Bang Theory and CEO of RohanBhardwaj.com, where he writes in-depth, opinionated and sometimes fictional stories with perspectives that matters to you.