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Why Zend Framework(Based on PHP) is an ideal choice for your next Web development project?

Why Zend Framework(Based on PHP) is an ideal choice for your next Web development project?

Sunday March 31, 2019,

3 min Read

Amongst the PHP frameworks, Zend framework is a very idle choice for both if you are going to start a new project or update the existing one. Zend Framework for web development is preferred by many companies for the marvelous features and easy to implement functionalities of Zend. Today in this article we would be talking about what makes Zend framework an idle choice for your next Web Development project.

Given below are few compelling reasons to go for Zend PHP framework development.

1.Flexibility to the developers to choose their own model

Zend does not have its own model architecture implementation. Models are actually where the business logic of the development resides and therefore it would not be apt to develop them as a generic component. Zend framework philosophy states that the developer himself is the best person to implement the model as per his need.

2. Provides easy integration

The decoupled nature of the Zend framework allows for easy integration with libraries that you want to use. Zend web application development can be facilitated to a great extent with this feature of Zend.

3. Provides test-driven development

The test-driven development makes the developer to write the test cases first before he goes for writing the code. This ensures that the developer takes into consideration all the use cases. Zend uses the PHPUnit framework which allows not only to test your controllers but also your library and model functions. Setup once created is reusable for the future.

4. Allows you to do multiple things

A Zend development company can benefit to a great extent with the help of Zend framework as it allows you to do a lot of things. From user authentication and controlling access to resources to creating forms and reading an RSS feed you can go for anything and much more. On top of that Zend also comes with demos so that the developers can learn how to use its different components.

5. The goodness of object-oriented

In an object-oriented setup, everything is an object. Although it has a disadvantage of making things complicated to code, yet it is advantageous too in the sense that you can reuse the code.

6. Community and documentation

Due to its complexity, components and object-oriented approach, Zend becomes quite difficult to learn. Thanks to the active community which keeps on augmenting the pool of knowledge. Zend’s reference guide explains all the components and their use properly. Blogs and sites like Zend developer zone throw a lot of insight into the Zend framework web development and Zend web application development. A search with the right keywords will always give you quick results.

Zend development services are popular services in the market today. It is unique from other PHP frameworks to an extent. The correct choice of the framework depends on your comfortability. Zend may make an idle choice for some but not for you. That depends totally on how quickly and to what extent you can get accustomed to its features.