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WordPress: Best CMS Platform Recommended by SEO Experts

WordPress: Best CMS Platform Recommended by SEO Experts

Tuesday July 02, 2019,

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The modern day web network is ruled by WordPress, which is utilized by more than 60 million users. It is one of the most preferred content management system (CMS) platforms across the world. An amazing fact about WordPress is that it runs around 30% of all websites. Interesting, isn’t it?

Starting from a blogging platform, WordPress evolved into a versatile and user-friendly platform which cater to the needs of the customers by presenting them customized websites to meet their expectations.

After deciding the suitable platform build your website, the next move should be towards planning a good web traffic plan. In such a scenario, search engine optimization or SEO comes to the scene. It forms an essential part of the online businesses such that most of them rely on search engines to get the majority of their organic traffic.

Are you aware that the world's successful SEO experts recommend the use of WordPress? Well, the matter of fact is that the given platform and SEO intermingle and work well. Still, what are its unique features which influence top-class CMS development services to utilize WordPress to collaborate with a search engine to get high organic traffic? Here is the answer:

Effortless Customization of Metadata

With the help of the given CMS platform, it has become relatively easy to customize every webpage for SEO. Even Metadata such as title tags and description are effortlessly optimized so to target the potential consumers efficiently.


For the success of any website, it is essential that a large number of visitors spend more time on your website. Furthermore, a high level of customer engagement will help in bringing improvement in your website ranking. With the help WordPress, you get a website which is impressive and creative in design and assist in proper customization so to make it more user-friendly.

Out of Box Approach

The given platform plays an essential role in allowing especially on-page SEO to generate a large number of organic traffic, which will enhance the ranking of the website. It takes care of certain elements:

§ SEO-friendly Permalinks: WordPress has come with an unique solution of linking the posts and pages in the webpage via keywords. This will help the search engine to understand their meaning and increase their ranking on the internet.

§ Proper HTML Markup: HTML pages created by WordPress are easy to understand by search engines and thus bring significant improvement in the website.

§ Easy Creation of Content: WordPress helps in creating contents which are readily accepted by search engines.

Site Speed

The most positive aspect of using the given CMS platform is that it helps in lowering the loading site of your website so to make it more internet-friendly. This happens due to the presence of various in-built plugins, which helps to improve site speed.

Mobile Optimization

The numbers of mobile users have significantly increased during the last decade. The website which is mobile responsive is likely to succeed in the SEO world. Nevertheless, there is no need to panic as WordPress have themes which are optimized for mobile phones, which makes it enhance its ranking more accurately.


Search engines have become an essential source of traffic generation for most of the websites. It all depends on you that which platform you are using to build a user-friendly and SEO-based website.

Now, WordPress has become one of the best CMS platforms which have capitalized on its advanced features to build websites getting high rank on search engine platforms. So, if you want to come in the top 10 lists of the front page of Google, opt for WordPress.