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Aditya Saxena

Aditya Saxena has led several global, multimillion-dollar strategic programmes for Fortune 100 organisations.
In his present role, Aditya leads business growth and oversees global engagement teams. He has deep expertise in strategy formulation and has worked on the growth market entries and digital expansion plans of several global corporations. He specialises in data analytics and media attribution, audience insights and targeting solutions, and plays an instrumental role in crafting a solution strategy for iQuanti’s clients. In the past, he has formulated strategies to grow revenues and increase efficiency. He has also played the role of strategic advisor to influential boards and CXOs. In addition to expertise in digital channels, he is also proficient in traditional channels. At iQuanti, he is involved in steering programme execution across the company's client set, supporting the crafting of digital strategies, and designing strategic roadmaps. Aditya has deep demonstrated expertise in industries like financial services, fintech, internet commerce, and healthcare. He is an MBA from IIM-Lucknow.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
Aditya writes about how technologies like AI and data analytics are transforming the future of digital marketing. He says from smart search options and personalised messaging to campaigns and marketing, AI and machine learning are increasingly being used in digital marketing. Aditya predicts that AI will have additional application in digital marketing with an uptick in the adoption of technologies such as VR and AR, as commercial use cases of these technologies find wider adoption in retail and other sectors. “There are several AI-led developments in the area of creating dynamic ads and landing pages to personalise marketing messages on the fly. Other areas of impact include voice search. We will increasingly see ads about things which we just said or talked about, but haven't searched for yet,” he wrote. “ Several companies have been focusing on using AI and machine learning to find the right audience to write better ads than humans, and to increase conversion rates and engagement with the target audience. The coming years will continue to unfold newer potential uses of AI in digital marketing.”