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Amit Somani

An investor who backs category-creating startups like MyGate, Dozee, Niyo, Perpule, mfine, and Moneytap.
Amit Somani leads an early-stage venture fund that manages assets worth $72 million, with investments in core sectors like fintech, SaaS, healthcare, logistics. Before turning investor, he was an engineer and product leader for over two decades, with eight patents and several research papers to his name. Somani has been credited for developing Google’s award-winning search-based keyword tool. Before that, he was also seen in leadership roles at MakeMyTrip and was a part of the core team that took it public on NASDAQ. Somani has served at IBM Silicon Valley Labs and IBM Almaden Research Centre, and also been a part of LinkedIn TopVoices in 2018 and 2019.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
Somani’s two-decade long experience in tech and product design across India and international markets makes him a thought leader on the subject. His writing focuses on establishing the need for founders and product managers to build agile, intuitive, customer-friendly, and long-lasting products and services that may be inspired from the world but have to be customised locally. Somani regularly shares tips on how fledgling startups can set up processes that will help them arrive at the right product-market fit. However, he states that a product’s journey doesn’t end with its launch, but continues until it can fetch repeat customers. Somani, who’s an advocate of design thinking, has written about the need for a brand’s visual identity to evolve through its entire lifecycle. In 2020, he’s spoken about the importance of NPS. “NPS [Net Promoter Score] has a direct impact on several business metrics. By definition, it is a measure of ‘Customer Satisfaction’. In many studies, customer satisfaction has shown itself to be directly correlated to revenue. NPS has a direct correlation with your marketing effectiveness. It gives you an understanding of the otherwise fuzzy word-of-mouth quotient for your product. The higher the NPS is trending, the lower your cost of acquisition (CAC) should be. It can also be a leading indicator for customer churn, which will have a direct impact on your revenue. Last but not the least, it helps you get a sense of the elusive Lifetime Value (LTV).”