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Ankit Satsangi

Shaping the SME lending industry with Capital Float.
Ankit Satsangi is a Chief Risk Officer at Capital Float, with over 15 years of retail risk experience across the NBFC segment. An MBA in Finance from Institute of Management Studies Indore, Ankit’s latest stint was with Fullerton India, where he headed the risk policy function for salaried and MSME segments. Ankit contributes towards shaping best-in-class lending startup, encompassing MSMEs and consumer segments, enabling and nurturing data-driven decision making while ensuring optimal risk and compliance boundaries. He had earlier worked with Barclays India and CitiFin India.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
Having a vast experience in the digital credit lending industry and dealing with small businesses in India, Ankit widely writes about the trends in digital lending. He shares his thoughts on the complex ways of MSME lending in India that are a product of underreported income and poor accounting practices, lacklustre performance, and distressed status of the Indian manufacturing and commodity sector. Ankit believes digital data, bottom-of-pyramid approach, operating model reorientation to position for digital transformation, big data and analytics, and agile ‘think-on-feet’ risk management are five trends that could shape the future of MSME digital lending in India over the next three to five years. “Fintech companies around the world are creating newer models to make lending decisions and service loans. In the US, fintech companies like ZestFinance have moved beyond traditional risk assessment to use new sources of data in underwriting, such as whether an applicant keeps a consistent phone number or has made delayed bill payments.”