Ashish Anantharaman

A tech geek who is an entrepreneur at heart, drawn to the world of finance.
Ashish Anantharaman has an experience of a little over two decades in technology, across companies and domains. For Ashish, the world of finance has been the biggest draw as it is the most demanding segment in terms of technology innovations. His main strength is building teams to bring order, innovation, and passion to the chaotic world of technology. After living abroad for a considerable period of time, Ashish decided to come back home to explore the exciting possibilities in India. For the last four years, he has been on a rollercoaster ride running ZestMoney along with his two co-founders.


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YourStory’s 100 Emerging Voices of 2019
The segment of fintech startups in India has witnessed a sort of gold rush. While the world of financial services is big enough to absorb the entry of new firms, the key differentiation will be the simplicity of the product. Ashish delves into this in his writings with a special focus on the buzzword, artificial intelligence (AI). He lucidly explains in layman terms what is AI and the kind of impact it could have on the world of fintech. The key goal of any fintech startup is to provide crucial credit to that class of people who are generally ignored by the financial services industry, and Ashish cogently draws up an argument on how AI can deliver on that goal. Finally, Ashish makes a crucial point: keep all the complexity of technology in the background and make the product, as in the hands of a user, very simple to use.

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