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Dr. Anshu Sharma

A disaster recovery expert, Anshu Sharma works with various communities on how to build a safer and more sustainable Earth.
Dr Anshu Sharma has a background in architecture, and did his doctoral research in global environmental studies from Kyoto University, Japan. He has trained as an urban planner, and over the last 26 years, he extensively worked on disaster risk and climate emergency issues. He has been engaged with various kinds of community projects besides being a consultant for numerous governments, non-profit bodies, the United Nations, and other funding agencies. As the founder of SEEDS, he continues to advocate and work with communities across Asia to build a safer and more sustainable world.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
As an expert on disaster recovery management and being closely engaged with various communities, Anshu is the apt person to talk about how the world can navigate through one of the worst health crisis over the last 100 years. COVID-19 could also result in certain shifts in human behaviour where environment safety, hygiene, and health could become top priorities. He believes that caring for the elderly, based on the understanding of their high vulnerability, and the protection of wildlife habitats are some of the positive impact that could come out of the pandemic. “This year, all other naturally triggered disasters including floods, droughts, cyclones, and earthquakes will join forces with COVID-19. This is certain to lead to more reflection, research, better preparedness, sensitive decision making, and forthcoming public support for disaster risk reduction in the months and years to come.”