Kumar Vembu

Retail software expert Kumar Vembu redefines transformation and how retailers can ride the wave and capture increasing market opportunities
Kumar Vembu, CEO and founder of leading ERP software company GoFrugal, is a retail domain expert who initially started as a project associate at IIT-Madras. He then worked as a software engineer for HCL and Qualcomm. He started software product firm Vembu Systems in 1995, and was also President and COO at AdventNet (now ZOHO Corporation). He started GoFrugal in 2004 in an attempt to address the organised and unorganised retail market with premium quality, affordable solutions. He is also a coach, angel investor, motivational speaker, and fitness enthusiast.


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YourStory’s 100 Emerging Voices of 2019
Kumar has written about customers and competition driving transformation in retail. In this context, he questions how the word “transformation” is used by companies that speak of riding a transformation wave. Kumar asks the question: what is this wave and why should one ride it? In answering this, he explores the drivers responsible for increased market opportunity in retail today, and what businesses must do to spot the right wave and ride it. He writes about how retail companies can provide a frictionless experience in shopping, continually improve operational efficiency, and adopt new technologies and tools in an agile manner. He maintains that consumers are increasingly becoming digital today, and that increased competitiveness is another driver for opportunity in retail today. Kumar recognises that retailers today know that to drive consumers to the store needs more than just enabling a transaction; they need to provide something that is not available online, it must be about offering the best experience.

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