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Radhika Bapat

Radhika Bapat guides us to stay balanced during the unprecedented time of COVID-19 pandemic.
A Doctor of Philosophy, Radhika Bapat is an alum of the University of Leiden, The Netherlands, and is trained at the Albert Ellis Institute in New York. The psychotherapist has previously served at the Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists and has been an in-house Student Counsellor at the Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts. Radhika was associated with the Sahyadri Hospitals, where she was the Head of Behavioural Sciences and Mental Health Department. Presently, Radhika is a self-employed psychotherapist. She is committed to advocacy, research, and training initiatives that advance mental health treatment and reduce mental health stigma across the country and the globe. In fact, Radhika was awarded the position of a Young Emerging Psychologist title by the International Union of Psychological Science.


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Radhika mostly writes about mental health and well-being. Talking about mental health during COVID-19, Radhika says, “The right information gives us power over the choices that we make, and how we adapt to compelling circumstances. When your freedom is limited, you invoke the quote by Reinhold Niebuhr — ‘Try to change the things that you can, accept the circumstances you cannot change (COVID-19), and have the wisdom to know the difference.’” Addressing people who are facing challenges when it comes to mental health, Radhika says a few interventions can help one stay afloat until we tide through the pandemic. She suggests that one should focus on meeting achievable goals, moving, or exercising consistently, sticking to a routine, practising mental distancing, calling a therapist, and staying with the bigger picture. “Remind yourself to ‘Accept finite disappointment without losing infinite hope’,” Radhika says.