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Rahul Bhargava

Leveraging technology, ML, data, and analytics with a special attention on customer experience to build large-scale products/businesses .
Rahul Bhargava has built multibillion-dollar product lines and managed large product/engineering teams across Amazon, PayPal, and American Express. He has also been involved with successful startups in the US and India. Rahul holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, MS in Engineering from Carnegie Mellon, and a BTech degree from IIT Delhi. The builder of digital products and businesses for 20+ years, he is also a seed-stage investor/advisor to technology-based startups and founders. He was most recently at Amazon where he was responsible for building their global publisher network and managing their affiliate marketing platform across the world.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
Rahul writes about the financial services sector and believes the fintech industry is undergoing a complete digital makeover by leveraging sophisticated new-age tech to cater to increasingly tech-savvy users, resulting in a superior customer experience. He said, “In the coming future, customers may not prefer physical and in-person interactions anymore. This will result in physical paperwork being replaced with digital products and processes. Fortunately, since we are dealing with money, essentially a digital good, this switch needn’t be difficult with the right technology.” Since social distancing is the new norm, banks and financial institutions will have to take up digital payment methods to ensure that there is zero contact between customers and employees, Rahul added. He further highlighted that instead of collecting physical cash, digital money movements and transactions through already existing UPI, credit and debit cards, and e-wallets should be pushed. “If we look at the pace of technological advancements, we can see that down the line, technology will take over the finance industry completely as new consumers will be more tech-savvy than they ever were.”