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Robin Sukhia

Helping India connect with Sweden
Robin Sukhia has been an essential bridge between India and Sweden since 1996 when, through a Swedish venture capital company, he invested in India. He helps Swedish corporates and government institutions understand and navigate India when the need arises. Most recently, Robin and his agency facilitated a collaboration between India’s Serum Institute and British-Swedish pharma giant AstraZeneca for the COVID-19 vaccine.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
Robin engages with anything that can help India and Sweden foster better relations, whether it’s in the business arena or brokering partnerships between startups in the two countries. He has written extensively about the bilateral ties between the two nations and how they can learn from each other and leverage each other’s expertise in certain areas. Scroll down his Twitter feed and you’ll find several retweets celebrating Sweden’s most beloved export to India - IKEA (and its meatballs). “Countries will make decisions based on their own set of circumstances and their ability to organise a response to the pandemic. My country Sweden chose a somewhat different path. Whether or not this is the right path, only time will tell. We have chosen not to shut down society, thereby allowing for public transport, restaurant visits, though seated guests are only allowed takeout, essentially letting businesses make their own judgement call. Government offices also remain open. In general, a minimised public society. Half of Stockholm is working from home. On the corporate side, according to the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, this goes as high as 90 percent. Because 50 percent of the Swedish GDP is based on export, it is understandable that business is taking a massive hit at the moment. With the shutting down of the service industry, I fear our economy will not recover from such a hit in a very long time.”