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Rupal Dalal

Using education to build India’s design future.
Rupal Dalal serves as the Executive Director of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, the education division of JD Image Promotions Ltd. Rupal supervises all academic departments, curriculum development, academic development, academic systems planning and designing, and academic quality assurance at the institute. An ardent animal lover, Rupal has always been promoting the welfare of animals like celebrating Vegetarian Day with a simple thought – “We speak for the animals… because they can't speak.”


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
Rupal lays out contingency plans for businesses and large establishments on how to handle the global pandemic. She says companies can minimise the business risk/employment problem by effective communication, strong business contingency plans, and preparing for an emergency situation. At the beginning of the pandemic, while the manufacturing industry and the informal sector stand to lose the most, “thanks to the availability of technologies and our prompt responses in the adaptation of alternative modes for continuity of work by some of the sectors have successfully managed to counter the negative effects triggered by the outbreak of coronavirus.” She adds that planning for unforeseen contingencies like the COVID-19 is crucial and can be extremely beneficial in the long run. “An important first step, especially for small/medium-size establishments, would be to opt for strong business insurances, having a helpdesk/helpline available for the employees to field questions on probable implications in scenarios of such lockdowns.”