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Saahil Goel

Redefining logistics in India
Co-founder and CEO of Shiprocket, Saahil Goel’s audacious goal is to become India’s largest D2C ecommerce logistics company in India using data. Already shipping more than three million packages a month, Saahil is an imminent thought leader in the Indian logistics industry. He has been lauded for the way Shiprocket handled deliveries during the lockdown months of the pandemic. The contingency strategy he deployed at his startup to keep operations running smoothly in the middle of a pandemic has become the blueprint for others in the space.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
Saahil’s contribution to YourStory editorial has mainly revolved around the many ways in which the coronavirus pandemic has affected the logistics industry, and how the delivery market can weather that storm. From ensuring safe and timely deliveries, to logistics companies and supply chains playing an even bigger role during the pandemic, Saahil is passionate about the industry in which he operates and is generous with letting the rest of the ecosystem in on best business practices they can use to keep their heads above the COVID-19 infested waters. “The pandemic has underscored the significance of logistics, as the sector managed to instil a semblance of normalcy by ensuring that the delivery of goods doesn’t take a backseat even during the crisis. However, the logistics industry has hit some snags along the way with the pandemic almost entirely disrupting supply chains and restricting movement to a large extent.”