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Sameer Dhanrajani

Decoding AI and analytics for businesses is Sameer Dhanrajani’s daily duty. The former CSO of Fractal Analytics launched AIQRATE in 2019 and provides strategic AI business knowledge.
Sameer Dhanrajani has been known in the ecosystem for his knowledge and passion for understanding artificial intelligence and analytics. The AI advisor and former Fractal Analytics CSO launched his startup AIQRATE in 2019 to provide strategic AI advisory services and consulting across multiple business segments to help businesses with their AI powered transformation and innovation journey. Sameer’s take on AI can be best understood through his book titled “AI and Analytics: Accelerating Business Decisions” and his TEDx talks. So if you are a business owner looking to understand AI, you know who to go to.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
Sameer’s blogs, columns, articles focus on informing tech entrepreneurs from various industries on how they can leverage artificial intelligence to further their business. He has written extensively on how AI can shape the future of several industries such as pharmaceuticals, lifesciences, insurance, travel & hospitality, and construction among others. In his recent story on the pharmaceutical industry, he explained that AI can be used for supply chain transformation by building predictive algorithms to help reduce unforeseen shortages in availability of drugs. He also emphasised on use of machine-based ensemble algorithms to reduce cycle times for clinical trials. In his articles, he has aso explained how AI can be leveraged by the insurance industry to increase its efficiency by personalising the customer experience, identifying risks, product development among others. Here is a glimpse to Sameer's writings: “AI is the result of exponential growth in computing power, memory capacity, cloud computing, distributed and parallel processing, open-source solutions, and global connectivity of people and machines. The massive amounts and the speed at which structured and unstructured (e.g., text, audio, video, sensor) data is being generated has made speedy processing and generation of meaningful, actionable insights imperative.”