Sathya Raghu V. Mokkapati

A multi-faceted entrepreneur with a passion for agriculture and teaching
Sathya Raghu V Mokkapati is a number-driven man, i.e., a chartered accountant who is passionately moved by the plight of the farmers, especially the small landholders who struggle to make ends meet. His startup is focussed on providing technology tools and services so that small and marginal farmers can aspire for conditions of steady income, which still remain a distant dream. Sathya also has another venture which creates the supply chain of fruits and vegetables for the farmers with the intent of eliminating wastage of produce. It does not stop just at farming; he also coaches CA aspirants.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory’s 100 Emerging Voices of 2019
Passionate about uplifting the economic status of farmers, Sathya seeks a practical solution to this issue. Given the gigantic nature of the problem statement, with millions of farmers still surviving on subsistence income, Sathya believes intervention is needed through the combined efforts of multiple actors – government, research bodies, NGOs, and startups. For him, slogans will remain mere words unless it is followed up with concrete action. Sathya understands that improving the standard of living of farmers is a complex exercise as it is not just a case of raising the purchase price of their produce. Sathya is a strong advocate of listening to the voices of the consumers, in this case the farmers. He believes the participants cannot attempt to solve this problem by having pre-conceived notions; instead, he suggests an exploratory mind will help develop highly innovative products or services more attuned to the needs of the farmers.

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