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Siddhartha Gupta

Building and scaling up teams for years now, Siddhartha Gupta is helping businesses effectively leverage remote working culture
Siddhartha brings in work experience of more than two years in leading teams to build business verticals from scratch. He has a proven track record of successfully growing IT behemoths like HP and SAP in India. Currently, at Mettl, he is working towards making businesses and educational institutions become remote with their services and operations.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
With over two decades of experience, Siddhartha writes and provides suggestions on how to enhance the skill set of the team, curate and administer assessments to measure knowledge, skills, behaviour, and personality regularly. Targeting HR managers in his recent article, he explained how organising hackathons can be used for better hiring purposes Here is a glimpse to Siddhartha’s writings: “Hackathons also effectively provide solutions for employer branding. When you market your hackathons for hiring through various employment portals, social media, and networking platforms, you are aiming for maximum outreach. You are creating conversations around your brand and recruitment processes. Sometimes there would be other brands involved for sponsorship, there will be prizes involved, and people would be signing up for challenges and jobs that will set the scene for establishing employer branding.”