Sumit Lakhani

Decoding the millenial mind
A vocal advocate of the coworking juggernaut, Sumit Lakhani is the Chief Marketing Officer at Awfis Space Solutions. He takes an active interest in decoding, what he calls, the millennial mind. Sumit Lakhani came onboard Awfis, the Mumbai-based coworking space operator, right around the time of its inception. Today, he is a part of the core management team, serving as the Chief Marketing Officer and overseeing the demand and supply side function at Awfis. His key responsibilities include sales, marketing, real estate acquisition, fund raising, and strategy. Asides from his deep knowledge of the changing office space segment in India and the rise of the coworking culture, Sumit has also garnered an intriguing understanding of the new-age workforce, ranging from millennials to Gen Z. With over 10 years of prior work experience in investment banking, private equity, and IT services, he contributes towards the changing narrative around the ecosystem of workspaces in the current scenario.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory’s 100 Emerging Voices of 2019
At the start of this decade, if there’s one trend that took hold of businesses across the world, it was the wave of collaborative workspaces. These coworking spaces not only disrupted the office space segment, but also introduced easier, flexible, collaborative, and cost-effective processes into the workforce. A trend that was widely reported and voiced by Sumit Lakhani, the man at the helm of many marketing initiatives at Awfis. Being at the centre of all the action at Awfis, Sumit was able to foresee the key coworking trends, while predicting the nature of competition and demand around this space. Some of his top findings include the foray of coworking into coliving, the impact of deeper technology integration, the rise of work-near-home programmes, adoption of flexible and mobile solutions, holistic enterprise solutions, and more. However, of all these interesting trends and prediction, one thing that stands out in particular is Sumit’s view of the position of the office worker at the heart of all office space solutions in the future. After all, the way technology and work culture has shaped the coworking scenario, ‘the office worker’ theory indeed seems to be a reality of the hour.