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Sunando Bhattacharya

As Co-founder and CEO of cloud solutions company, IndiQus Technologies, Sunando Bhattacharya has embarked on a mission to take cloud computing to every corner of the world.
An IIM-Calcutta alumnus, Sunando Bhattacharya’s mission is to take cloud computing to every corner of the globe with his cloud solutions company, IndiQus Technologies. Having previously worked with technology companies like Spectra and Netmagic, Sunando has in-depth knowledge about cloud computing and its utilisation. He believes that greater focus and legislation on data localisation will present a massive opportunity for telecom and data centre service providers in developing countries to set up an in-country edge cloud and offer IaaS/PaaS/SaaS to local enterprises and SMBs.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
Sunando’s area of expertise lies in cloud computing and its utilisation. He has, in the past, written about building products/services, entrepreneurship, payment from customers etc. Sunando’s article on “How registered MSMEs can get their customers to pay up” on YourStory garnered a positive response, where he wrote about the predicaments entrepreneurs face when their customers don’t pay and how they can overcome it. The article gave step-by-step pointers for MSMEs to overcome payment-related dilemmas. “Many entrepreneurs are also worried about taking action against non-paying customers, fearing loss of business. Frankly, I feel such customers are not worth working with as they will simply add to your stress. As customers have the right to fire you, likewise you also have the right to fire him.”