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Vanshika Goenka

Entrepreneur Vanshika Goenka strives to achieve gender equality and ensures that women are heard by bringing them into the workforce.
Vanshika Goenka is the Founder and CEO of Kool Kanya, a social networking community to support and help women grow in their professional journey. She was determined to build a space where women can receive everything – from mentorship, help in navigating legal and financial challenges, and finding new opportunities under one roof. With Bachelor’s in Political Science from Brown University, she realised her dream by founding Kool Kanya in January 2019. She realised the gap between opportunities presented to men and women early in her life as her family members and relatives did not count on daughters to carry their family businesses forward. However, it was years later when she was working at a company that manufactures sanitary pad that prompted her to act on the lack of women in the workforce. The entrepreneur noted that a room full of men were discussing feminine hygiene products, and that’s why she launched herself on the journey of starting Kool Kanya.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
An entrepreneur and community builder, Vanshika lends her voice to issues of gender equality, education, and weathering the economy that is reeling from effects of COVID-19. In addition to tabling women’s perspectives at the workplace, Vanshika believes every woman should be financially independent as it will empower them to escape toxic situations and boost confidence. This is also one reason why Kool Kanya encourages discussions around financial literacy. During the pandemic, she amplified the need to bring women into the workforce as women are disproportionately suffering from the impacts of COVID-19. She has also leveraged her existing network of mentors and industry leaders, and organised several initiatives to help those unemployed. To stay relevant with evolving market needs, the leader shares ways to upskill across digital and social media platforms. The 27-year-old speaks widely about the rising gig economy and the flexible opportunity it holds and promotes a marketplace for freelancers. "From the classroom to the boardroom, women's opinions have been hushed, disregarded, interrupted, mocked, or mansplained. Women are schooled not only to ask permission, apologise, hedge and speak up, but also to self-doubt and self-censor. Women communities change this."