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So many dating Apps in India, which one is for you?

Helping you find the right dating App :-)

Years ago, you’d talk to someone you liked, ask her out, and then see where things took you from there. Online dating changed it all – and for good. Suddenly, You have access to thousands of women/men around you, whom You are able to contact with a simple profile through different applications. Simple, isn’t it?

Dating Apps in India are not a new thing. They are here to stay for long now. Having said that, I believe there is a state of confusion in the minds of us all when we see plethora of these apps on various app stores (like Apple Store and Google play). So, through this article, let’s try and find out which App is meant for you. Ready?

I would divide these dating apps in 3 broad categories viz. (Matrimonial , Serious Dating and Casual dating Apps). Now, Let’s look at them one by one:

Matrimonial Apps : There are plenty of apps in this category ranging from Shaadi.com, Bharatmatrimony , JeevanSaathi etc.. These apps are meant for people who plan to get married soon and there is low to negligible room for dating or going out with your partner without parent’s consent. Mostly, finding the girl’s dad/mom responding to your messages would be a regular thing for these apps. But, if you plan to get married like the traditional indian way, these apps are for you.


Serious Dating : There’s a thin line between Matrimonial apps and casual/one night stand apps, catering to this niche market we have this category of serious dating apps. Apparently, this market has not been capitalized as of now but there are still some players like SweetRing and iPair, where the latter is a tad farther from Matrimonial Apps. SweetRing caters to the audience who want to decide by themselves whom to marry. It allows the users to date their partners (for months or years depending upon the mutual understanding) before getting married. Though, this is an interesting idea and innovative way of looking at the wedding scenario in India. But, we would have to wait and see if the audience is ready to take decisions on their own and give their relationships bit of a time before getting hitched.


3. Last but not the least is the Casual dating category, again there are tons of apps in this bracket as well from Tinder to Just Dating and many others like OkCupid and Woo. These apps are great for people who are far away from getting married and are interested in dating/ weekend getaways and needless to say, (the crowd’s favorite) One-night-Stands. If wedding is not even on your cards for the next 5 years (and you’re single) you can give these apps a try.


And if you feel that your special someone (Raj – DDLJ) would come someday, from somewhere. Then, none of the above is for you. But remember, patience doesn’t necessarily pay off. So, try your luck.


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