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The curse which stops uplifting

All about incompetency.

This is again a write-up on software products and the curse which let to their downfall. Any product is good unless it fails to satisfy the audience. Once such factor to discuss is incompetency which is common among business products that serves immense customers.

Marketing and pre-sales can be the most primary thing for any product's reach to people. But, it is the actual content that makes the customers stay. Being failed in that, it becomes just a piece of trash that takes up space in the system.

It is hard for a hit product to accept any new feature so easily. It is the fear of loosing its customers that stops them from doing so and it is actually necessary to be that way, but not always. Tremendous change starts from the first step forward. It is always important not to disturb something which is functioning well and good. On the other hand, it is so essential to fix things which is already been screwed up. That is when people actually taste the fruit that it bears. Having something screwed up is definitely not the proudest thing for a well known product. Having done so, it is the right thing to take up the chance to fix it. And that is when the revenue graph keeps inclining.

The way the curse brings the product.
The way the curse brings the product.

Being so incompetent won't help so long and all the time. It is one of the factors that leads a hit product to loose its fame. And, it is only the curse for the product and the boon for its competitor.

PS: Image source - Google.

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