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Top 15 E-commerce Marketing Strategies to grow your Online Store Sales

Top 15 E-commerce Marketing Strategies to grow your Online Store Sales

Saturday June 27, 2020,

6 min Read

E-commerce has become an inseparable part of the business world in today's times. Most brands and companies are thriving, rather flourishing through online sales. With a number of tycoons competing to maximize their revenues through e-commerce, it is essential to opt for the right strategies to increase the revenue from online stores.

Considering the right tips to grow your e-commerce marketing site can work wonders for any e-commerce website in this competitive world.

What is an E-Commerce Marketing?

Before one explores the various strategies one can adopt to increase online sales, it is crucial to understand what e-commerce marketing strategy is. E-commerce marketing in simple terms, is promoting online business in order to maximize the sales and gain maximum recognition as a brand or as a service provider.

With a number of e-commerce marketing strategies becoming popular these days, the concepts and aspects behind the strategy and how they work need to be understood. The most effective ones are discussed in this article adhering to which one can easily see evident growth in the sales from online business.

1.Promote your brand

The most important aspect for any business is promotion, and since online promotion is the most effective form of promotion, it plays a pivotal role in boosting e-commerce sales. Promotion needs to be done for the target audience in a way that more customers are attracted to the site, in turn, increasing the sales. This approach requires choosing the most popular platforms and the best possible promotion content.


Up selling is by far the most common and most effective techniques to enhance your sales. For someone who purchases a certain entity, suggesting more related content or making them consider more options to add to their cart makes it even better for the revenue to shoot up. Therefore making upselling a sure shot success.

3.Use Social Media Platforms

Almost a third of the world population is using social media these days. Thus having profiles on popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are key to successful e-commerce Marketing. The number of users who come across relatable content is much higher on social media, making it easier to engage a larger audience and hence generating more revenue.

4.Multiple platform friendly approaches

E-commerce is no longer limited to desktop connections, there are people using tablets and mobiles more than the ones preferring desktops or laptops. To cater to a broader audience, it's important to create a great mobile-friendly experience as well. The development of apps which are compatible on other platforms along with desktop sites makes the users consider the same more.


Who doesn't want a piece of a free giveaway, especially when it's from a trusted brand? Regular giveaways and trials increase the site traffic for obvious reasons and, in turn, more people considering buying from the site.

6.Free trials

Free trials are key to educate potential customers regarding the benefits and aspects of products and services offered. Also, special memberships with added perks make for a long list of loyal customers. This also works extremely well as a marketing strategy.

7.A strong relationship with Potential Customers

Any business thrives on the trust they build with customers. Therefore, having a great relationship with the audiences through regular updates make them choose one e-commerce site over the others.

8.Avoid the loss of potential customers

There are times when even after considering buying, staying on the page for a long duration, the final sale doesn't take place. This can be avoided by using custom messages or offers which appear if a potential customer is set to leave the page without making a sale.

For instance, after adding items to the cart, one chooses not to buy. This can be overcome by flashing customised messages with offers for them to reconsider their decision and end up buying something.


If asked which site one would prefer to buy one's stuff from, the most obvious answer would be, "The one with best rates and discounts." Therefore, discounts play a huge role in determining the rate at which sales are going to occur. It is hence important to make discounts an integral part of the whole process.

10.Regular Offers and Sales

Offers and sales intrigue a lot of people, and hence regular offers and/or sales would regulate higher traffic, which would mean more people would succumb to buying from that site.

11.Customer Satisfaction

Only is a customer is satisfied with the products and services will he/she recommend it to others. Therefore asking customers to leave positive feedback along with providing world-class service is key to word of mouth advertising.

12.Avoid distractions

Pop ups are something which results in the most number of people leaving a site. It needs to be understood that popups might seem promising and guarantee some revenue, the ultimate revenue is from the customer. Thus, popups and click bait should be avoided as much as possible

13.Relevant product and services

Remembering the target audience is key to success in an e-commerce business. The brands, products, or services which have the maximum popularity needs to be available for more people to visit the site and buy their share.

14.Attract more online traffic

Tie-ups and links can actually benefit the business to levels one cannot comprehend. The fact that a site that is sponsoring or being sponsored by a renowned figure or personality tends to get a higher number of visitors than the ones without any.

Whether you own a website or want to start a blog the right content marketing strategy and Search Engine Optimization techniques make a site more visible to people bringing it to the same revenue generation loop.

15.Carve a niche for yourself

For any e-commerce business to succeed, one needs to carve a niche for the same. This is a nod to making your name a brand itself, making people think of your business the first thing when they are asked for a recommendation. This is done through continuous improvement and support for existing customers, along with a friendly approach for new ones.


These few approaches if adopted, make any e-commerce business a success that would be visible in a short duration of time. The primary key being perseverance and the business would become a success for sure.