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Questions you need to answer for starting a successful startup in India.

India is going to be the biggest startup nation in the world. How can you be successful with your idea in such a world of competition?

"Start-Up India, Stand up India",  on 15 August 2015 our honorable  PM Mr. Narendra Modi started the wave and now it can be heard in every  part of India.

India is the largest democracy in the world, after China it has the biggest population. Now  it is also going to be the next biggest startup nation in the world.

With the #MakeInIndia wave , most of the students have started to dream like an entrepreneur. Earlier starting a company  sounded that like something not a cup of tea for the middle class people. But now the time has changed, our younger generation the youths have started to develop new ideas and  even making them real.  Being a grad student  I see many students everyday planing to do something of their own , generating ideas, contacting experienced people, creating teams and making their dream come true.  Using the new technology and  different brains, it has now became easier to  start a startup.  but as it is getting easier , more startups are getting registered everyday and hence creating a huge competition. 

Most of the startups fail  and main reasons behind their failure are  wrong strategy,  lack of experiences,  no market research before the product launch and most importantly wrong marketing.

Before launching a product you need to  think of some points and then go ahead  with your idea.

Questions you need to ask yourself.

1.  Why are you starting  a business?

2. What is the theme of your Business?

3. Is this the right time for your product launch?

4.  Who will be your customer?

5.  What  kind of  service  will your company provide to the customers?

6. What raw products do you need?

7.  How many team members you need?

8.  Do you have sufficient capital?

9.  What is your Marketing Strategy?

10.  Who are your competitors?

11. How is your product different from your competitors?

12. Why should anyone choose your products and your competitor's?

13.  Will you get any profit?

14. What taxes do you need to pay?

15.  Is your product helpful to the society?

Website- SmashBucks.in

Think Before You Do.
Think Before You Do.
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