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How to improve handwriting for kids?

Writing is an art. You can only improve the writing of your child with practice. This is a blog which discusses some great tips to improve handwriting for kids.

Handwriting style differs from one child to other. While many children display some excellent skills there are many others who just want to finish the task quickly. What you should remember is that handwriting is not about your child’s IQ. There is a general misconception among people in India that good handwriting indicates the hardworking nature of the child. These are baseless assumptions.

It becomes easy for the examiner to check the paper if the child has good writing skills. It won’t help in getting good marks. You always have the option to improve the handwriting skills of children. It will need a little bit of patience. This article discusses the top 5 ways to improve handwriting for kids.



Holding the pencil is one of the initial steps to good writing. If it is not done in the right way in the initial years then it can create problems in the coming years. Teach your child how to hold the pencil. Ask them to hold it strongly. Teach them to hold the pencil using thumb and index finger. Middle finger offers support. Make sure that the grip is gentle. You can also use pencil grips to improve the grip.



The only reason why children have bad handwriting is because they don’t get the proportions right. You can use a notebook to practice writing. Teach them the way capital and small letters are written.

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The right speed is very important for good handwriting. Some of the preschoolers take a lot of time to write while others finish the job quickly. Ask your child to set a timeline. Your child’s speed is important before you improve their handwriting. If you force your child to write quickly then he/she may lose interest in the writing activity.



You should have patience while helping your child develop writing skills. Forcing a child is not the solution. Things will take time. Give short breaks to your child. Never ever scold them. Your child won’t enjoy writing if you force them.



Engage your child in fun and interesting activities which will help them improve their handwriting skills. You can try some activities like connecting the dots. The other option is a word puzzle game.


You can improve the handwriting skills with practice. Make the activity interesting. Understand what your child likes. Make the activity fun.

All the best!

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