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10 Must-Have Features for Online Grocery Supermarket Store

Some of the must-have features for a grocery website and Mobile app are listed below.

10 Must-Have Features for Online Grocery Supermarket Store

Tuesday June 04, 2019,

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10 Must-Have Features for Online Grocery Supermarket Store

Visiting supermarkets for buying grocery and other related items would be more difficult for a person. If you have decided to provide an ease of shopping and want to open or have opened an online grocery supermarket store, you must have some of the features for your online store.

Moreover, you must adopt a business model to become successful in this industry that will provide your customers with the ease and convenience of shopping. The above-recommended features are must for your online grocery supermarket store-

Infographic Features of Grocery Business

Cart sharing

Shopping cart is considered to be one of the major yet underrated aspects of e-commerce websites. You must have a separate page that can be named as “My Cart”. You can put it at the top of the navigation bar. One click on the button should bring down a section that will show all the products in the cart.

Product return

It is the most important concern of the customer whether the product will be replaced or not in case of any damage or other related problems. You must add a feature that will allow the customer to return the products.

Multiple payment options

Every individual may not be satisfied by a single payment option and they might search for a particular payment option that is not available at your online store. Your major concern must be customer satisfaction and thus, multiple payment options are necessary.

Reviews and ratings

With the help of this feature, you will get to know about the feedback of customers. Whether they liked the product or not, they will be giving their review by this feature and you could improve easily, if necessary.

Referrals and rewards

This feature will create interest for the customers (as they can earn rewards by referring) and they will refer your products to their friends. It will help your business to grow.

Easy registration

You have to provide your customers with ease of everything. If they will get an option of easy registration, they will definitely like to shop from your store.

Delivery scheduler

The delivery of the items must be scheduled in order to earn great impressions. For that, you must have this feature of a delivery schedule that will schedule the upcoming deliveries.

Quick reorder or repeat order

Many times, the customers want to reorder those items they purchased the last time. If they get a feature of repeating their order, it will become easy for them to shop from your online store and the chances of your business to grow will increase rapidly.

Monthly shopping list reminders

This feature is also recommended that will remind the customers to shop from your store and fulfill their requirements every month.


If you provide your customers with the feature of membership, they would love to become a part of your store. This feature is important to make a bond among the customers.

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In a nutshell

The above-recommended features are a must for your online grocery supermarket and these features will help you to grow more efficiently in this world full of competitors.

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