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What`s Cable TV Dad? 

A millennials  point of view on the consumption of Prime Time Programming

Disclaimer: Please don't read this  if you don't have cable tv connection,  have bought subscriptions to Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, etc. or  have made a blood oath with Ekta Kapoor to personally watch all KKK Serials and plan to discuss with your pals as to whose gonna come back to life on the next episode of Kyuki Koi Kabhi Kahani Kisi Roz.

No, I am not saying that all tv programming is BS and no, I am not saying that people should start using their dish antennas as Beyblade Stadiums. Aaah memories... Anyways what really defines good programming is content. I am a firm believer of content is the king, always have and always will. But in India, I am not sure what the reason is but soapy dramas, mindless comedy, senseless caricatures and spicy/raunchy scenes are considered utmost important in terms of bringing the T.R.P. cup home. Even after all this if there is some time left, they try to put in a storyline(barely) or a bit of intelligent humor(rarely).

I don't even blame them, coz we have gotten so used to flashy and superficially scripted content (under the label of reality television of course) that the art of storytelling doesn't even seem to be the least of their concerns.

Ya, I get it. I am ranting uncontrollably at the plight of the current state of Indian  TV Programming and that I am gonna reference some OG English series that blew my socks off or a mind-bending series that made me question the reality of my existence altogether or a comedy show that introduced me to the phrase intelligent humor for the first time in my life. Well, actually it's true. There are some great tv shows out there which have created the definition of mind-blowing tv programming and have their fair share of fan following and accolades to prove it. But let's keep the firang material aside for a second and focus on the good within.

Small/Medium budget productions have been created which promise both a gripping storyline and intelligent plot points that leave both the mind and soul craving for more. But, the acceptance of such content is very less as the majority of the audience has gotten so used to the mainstream content that these rare tv shows don't even get a chance to shine. Things have started to change a bit but the bitter reality is that is will take a long, long time for intelligent content to be a staple of Prime Time Television.

Till then you can do one of two things -

1. Start watching sensible Indian series and try to promote it so that the change is the mindset of the general audience is brought about even quicker.

2. Watch the IMDB top 250 list  here. There is enough content that by the time an average viewer (daily 2-3 hours) gets through all the material, the scenario would have changed :p.

Regardless of which option you choose, you can kiss your set-top box goodbye. Beef up your internet plan coz that`s the future anyway. And next time when you hear "Kuch to gadbad hai daya" or "Tappu ke papa" just reminisce in the bliss of nostalgia or just watch some episodes on youtube. What? Everybody needs a little break once in a while.

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