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How an interior designer took the campaign "Beti Bachao Beti Padhao" to a new level.

A social program under the name "EVINCE" to groom girls students  of rural and under privilege areas of Delhi NCR.

Everyone talking about the famous campaign by central government “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”, has inspired a Delhi based interior designer to take on an initiative and equip the female students with the skills that help them grow and succeed in their life

Nishant Sharma, a Delhi based interior designer founded a social enterprise “ EVINCE” 3 years ago. EVINCE developed a program which aims training students of rural and underprivileged areas of Delhi NCR. The students of these areas, especially the girls could not afford quality education due to lack of financial resources with the parents. Due to which they got basic education and later enroll themselves to some of the diploma and certificate courses. Some of them were also working to pay fee for their basic education and graduation.

“ After meeting with these students we felt that due to lack of exposure and resources these students lack confidence level and skills needed which ensures them growth in respective career. In the beginning, the efforts were made to guide students of rural students about career related options and challenges. While working with them for some time the need was felt that such students were lacking the confidence level and creativity as they were not sufficiently exposed to the resources, development and requirements as students of modern day education system.”

“ We all understand in order to achieve goals and succeed in our respective careers we need to have a persona which help us gaining favors, these individual qualities turns our efforts into success. As the need of present day employment system the recruiters not only look for the hard skills earned but also look for the skills through which they can face pressures, challenges, manipulations and creativity issues”.

The enterprise aims to add soft skills to individual personality which helps them to understand the nuances of success in life. The program helps developing physical, academic, holistic, interpersonal aspects of individual.

“ We are training the students, who have limited or no resources and guidance to develop their physical appearance and their communication and presentation skills. Although this seems to be more or less like a personality development program but the difference being it is guiding students who do not even also know need and existence of such dimensions. The personality that we all see is a result of an individual’s past experiences and efforts. We added a holistic approach which guides them in believing and faith which empowers the efforts made. Without the faith such efforts hardly succeed or there are more chances of falling apart since back home the disgust of poverty rules”.

We are looking forward to expand the horizon and rope in some more resources which can help us grow with our target.

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Architect by profession. a social activist by heart. I ve got a lot from the society, now is the time to give back, add to the glitter.

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