A Copywriter Turned Twitterite, Sagar Weaves Incredible Stories in 140 Characters

     Yes, a Famous Twitterati has garnered a huge fan following because of his capability to fetch the audience's attention by propelling the words everyone wants to hear. 

    8th Mar 2017
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    Be if Buzzfeed, Scoopwhoop or Storypick, they are in constant search of something spicy; they find it on social media. What better than Twitter would anyone find the gullible gossips across the globe? Do you find it interesting too? We come across entrepreneurs and business leaders; they are creative and innovative. Let's talk about a solopreneur who has become popular on Twitter because of his ability to express his opinion in 140 characters. Yes, a Famous Twitterati has garnered a huge fan following because of his capability to fetch the audience's attention by propelling the words everyone wants to hear. 

    Tell me about you. A Twitter Celeb. Who are you? Because now, I have found you but I won't kill you.😂😂 + A snapshots of your gone life, current Zindagi and aanewale Days!

    Hi. My name is Sagar. I am 27, a Marwari and hence a businessman. In my spare time, I write articles for leading satire websites of India and sometimes I write jokes for stand-up comedians. (That is true, I do get paid for writing jokes. Jealous?)

    It feels so good when your Tweets are liked and shared despite being a common man. Express.

    As a newbie, it was thrilling to even get 5 retweets on a tweet. These days, I usually receive messages from friends on Whatsapp that they saw my tweet in a Newspaper or on Television. It does feel nice. A nobody like me could voice his opinion and reach a huge number of people in just a few hours. Social media has empowered every Aam Aadmi (not just Arvind Kejriwal).

    How did it all begin? I mean, a spark or a consistent effort? Or an effort after an ignition?

    I was really impressed with some twitter handles. They could write hilarious stuff by just using 140 characters. So I tried my hand at it. Initially, I couldn't write so well, but then I observed how others did it and learned the art of being funny using minimum words. Being a Marwari, I knew how to use minimum resources for maximum impact ;)

    How do you come up with the 'Joke sides of any real news? Are you a copywriter?

    That's a nice guess, I must say. Back in 2012-13, I used to be a copywriter for few months, but I failed miserably there. However, the lessons of creativity that I learned in copywriting help me write my tweets and generate ideas whenever I want. Making jokes on topical issues requires you to be updated with the latest news and pop-culture. Then, you have to make connections to derive humor out of the news.

    You know you can be hired by @aib or @eic @tvf one odd day and your life will be changed. Right?

    I look after a business, I don't think I will ever be a permanent part of any comedy group. As I said before, I already write jokes for some stand-up comedians, but only as a freelancer.

    A bit of rapid fire because everyone wants to know 😅😎

    Ed Sheeran or Martin Garrix

    Ed Sheeran

    Taylor or Selena

    Taylor and seelaana are one and the same. I prefer ready-made clothes.

    Titanic or La la land

    La La Land

    Any Bollywood crush


    Ranbir or Ranveer

    Sushant Singh Rajput

    Beach or mountain

    Beach (Too lazy to climb a mountain)

    Rum, whiskey or vodka

    Whichever is free

    What if not good on Twitter, what then?

    I would probably be writing song lyrics in the free time I had


    Immensely Introvert and Super-Shy. I would have never given this interview on Skype or in person.

    Favorite song that you play on repeat mode

    Changes every few months. Currently - Shape of you; Previously - Channa Mereya

    Who would you be if you are omnipotent? What would you do?

    If I were the almighty, I would make everyone an atheist

    What is Twitter for you?

    Initially, it was an escape from the world. Now, it is the world I live in.

    We learned enough about him, his laziness and his creativity. His story is simply smart, what's yours?


    What did you learn today? No work goes in vain; every smallest effort pays the pearl and drops a delicious sweet.

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