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Why should you replace traditional POS with iPad POS in your restaurant?

With the increasing technology and the changing expectations, an integrated POS system is a necessity for every restaurant format.

An iPad POS can be beneficial for your restaurant business in many ways An iPad POS can provide some real time advantages by increasing sales and reducing costs and also provides a great customer experience. Here are some advantages of iPad POS:

1. Saves cost- In any business cost is the main factor. The traditional Point of Sale software is a bulky hardware. Compared to an iPad POS, a full blown POS system is huge and can be quite heavy in your pockets. It also involves regular maintenance charges and installation fee. On the other hand, the Ipad POS is relatively cheaper. You have to give a monthly fee other than the initial costs. If you compared it with traditional POS system, it is still inexpensive.

2. Enhances customer experience- Table billing is the most important feature of a POS system. iPads and tablets can make this billing system much easier. The waiter can take the iPad POS system to the customers providing them ease. Eventually, it will give them a good experience. It is the most important thing to run a successful restaurant business. Mobile phone and iPad POS are made to work in those areas where the full blown POS cannot. As it is equipped with the additional apps, so it can serve as a great catalogue for the restaurant.

3. Reduces serving time- It reduces the serving time marginally as they don’t have to run between the POS and tables. It can very helpful, especially when the tables are full and the customers are complaining. A mobile POS gives a chance to make some instant sales. You can share the menu details with the customers. It should imply that you can also take prompt orders without any delay. So your customers don’t have to spend any unnecessary minutes to decide the order.

4. Environment-friendly- Receipts and bills can be emailed to the customers or it can also be uploaded to password protected websites. So it doesn’t need any paperwork to make it environment-friendly. Nowadays, people prefer to have digital receipts and bills over paper receipts. It is easy to keep the record of the digital transactions. 

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ChronitoPOS is a cloud based Point of Sale application for retail and restaurant business. It promises to profitably restructure the business process and maximize the ROI made by you. It is available on Android Tablet, iPad, Touch/Non-Touch PC platforms. It is designed to help single and multi location businesses and connect with its loyal customers. ChronitoPOS combines a stunning front and experience with sophisticated back office marketing and management tools. The passion is to empower the growing businesses with beautiful, simple software.

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