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Top 5 online friend making sites of 2017

There are many websites like this which provide you the opportunity for making friends online

Making friends has changed over the years. Well of course, it can never change in terms of the end result and reasons why two people become friends, but yes, the ways certainly have changed and perhaps for the good. The good old face to face talking, meeting, and exchanging details is the tale of the past. These days you just need access to the internet and you can make friends in jiffy. There are various friend match friends sites where one can easily make friends online and that too without the much unnecessary verbal exchange. Some may not consider the verbal exchange much of a task but for some it is no less than an aptitude test that they have not studies for. There are many websites like this which provide you the opportunity for making friends online. For you we have picked the 5 best friend matching websites out of the pool of friend matching sites on the internet. You can thank us later.


Rating –5/5

Match accuracy – 9.8/10

eHarmony is among the top friend making sites and has a very good and user-friendly user interface. It is the perfect environment where likeminded people can make good conversations and get to know new and interesting people.

eHarmony is also pretty popular because of the algorithm it uses for its matching procedure. The entire process also consists of a questionnaire that contains about 40 interesting questions, answers to which determine the quality and quantity of matches. A bit of a suggestion, answer the questions seriously if you really want to make quality friends online.


Rating – 5/5

Match Accuracy – 9.7/10

Arguably the best online friend making website on the internet. Match.com has made the editors’ choice several times and there is a very good reason behind it. Match.com has provisions for eliminating the fake and untrustworthy profiles. It acts as a platform where you can make real authentic friends. Well, technically.

Match.com has a combination of interesting tools and features that allows users to find the perfect match and make likeminded and amicable friends online. It also guarantees a very secure and trustworthy environment for making friends online.


Rating – 4/5

Match Accuracy – 9.2/10

With an armada of security tools, EliteSingles.com provides a very safe environment for making friends online. EliteSingles.com also has a free subscription apart from the paid form of subscription that offers more or less the same features as the paid one. The website allows users to make good matches especially if they are working.

EliteSingles.com is a near perfect friend finding website for working professionals who are looking for a serious friendship. People can discuss about jobs, hobbies, love, and life in general. So basically, everything mature people would.


Rating – 4/5

Match Accuracy – 9.2/10

SeniorMatch.com makes an entry at the no. 4 spot. Probably the best website for people over the age of 50 to find quality friends online. With an easy to use user interface and impressive features, SeniorMatch.com has brought together a complete package in the form an online match friend website.

Users need to subscribe to SerniorMatch.com in order to find other people in their nearest vicinity to make friends online. The sign up procedure is highly simplified and easy to comprehend. SeniorMatch.com is not called by many the best match friend site for people over 50, for no reason.


Rating – 4/5

Matching accuracy – 9.1/10

Zoosk.com has a huge user base and naturally gives you a wider scope for finding real and likeminded people to have good conversations with. The user base is pan world, that is, you can have matches from ay place in the world. Allegedly, the easiest of the user interfaces used by online friends making websites.

Zoosk.com gives you the perfect platform for finding other amicable and appropriate individuals who are too in pursuit of finding suitable friends. The website has various questionnaires that will help you in making friends online and the algorithm used by the website is very accurate when it comes to finding suitable matches. 

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I am Vikram Singh, an entrepreneur, author, athlete, and business coach.

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