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Creators Story | Creators Inc 2022

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The creator community’s time in the sun is here! Given the phenomenal surge we’re seeing in the number of new creators and the audience consuming that content, we’re only just beginning to see the birth of this new global creator economy that is now worth over $100 billion and fueled by more than 50 million creators.Indeed, the content creators of today are entrepreneurs in their own right and operate much like startups. So at YourStory, where we champion entrepreneurship in all its forms, we’re all set to celebrate the creator economy and usher in this new wave of entrepreneurship at our annual Creators Inc. Conference.At a two-day hybrid event on February 11-12, 2022, YourStory’s Creators Inc. Conference will celebrate and spotlight content creators from across industries and different geographies as they rewrite the definitions of entrepreneurship, entertainment, experience, and education.Watch all the sessions of the event here.
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