North Central Railways makes free masks and sanitisers for its personnel to tackle coronavirus

North Central Railways has also distributed over 23,000 food packets to people living around railway stations, who are affected by the lockdown imposed in view of coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by a storm and the number of cases is rising by the day. In India, the government declared a complete nationwide lockdown until April 14, while only essential services are functioning.

The demand for masks and sanitisers has risen as part of precautionary measures being taken to tackle the outbreak. The North Central Railway (NCR) is also producing masks in large numbers and distributing them free of cost.

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“So far, 61,400 masks and 4,762 litres of sanitiser have been manufactured. These are being distributed to railway personnel and their families free of cost. Protective masks are being manufactured every day,” NCR Public Relations Officer (PRO) Amit Malviya told PTI on Tuesday.

The railway personnel at Allahabad and Jhansi are making these products. Additionally, the NCR has distributed over 23,000 food packets to the needy living in the vicinity of railway stations. Steps are also being taken to ensure social distancing while distributing the packets.

Social distancing is also being implemented at the Agra Railway Hospital with the help of a talkback system.

“At Agra Railway Hospital, a provision of talkback has been made at the reception-cum-enquiry centre. Under this system, communication between two people, who are separated by a glass partition, is done using a speaker and microphone. Thus, social distancing is being maintained through this system,” Amit said, according to EdexLive.

He also mentioned that this system will be used in other railway hospitals in the coming days.

Masks and sanitisers are being distributed by various individuals and institutions across India. The coronavirus pandemic has affected more than 14 million people globally.

(Edited by Javed Gaihlot)

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