Coronavirus: This history teacher in West Bengal climbs a tree to take digital classes for students

Subrata Pati, 35, climbs a neem tree every morning to ensure internet connectivity, from where he also conducts his classes.

Coronavirus: This history teacher in West Bengal climbs a tree to take digital classes for students

Friday April 24, 2020,

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Many schools and universities have switched to digital modes of teaching and learning, following the lockdown announced across the country due to the coronavirus pandemic. In such unprecedented circumstances, the traditional concept of education, involving sitting in a classroom for a set time, is not viable. 

And in a strange instance, a history teacher from the Ahanda Village in West Bengal’s Bankura district climbs a tree every day to ensure he can teach his students. 

Subrata Pati had to return to his village from Kolkata where he teaches at two educational institutions — Adamas University and RICE Education — following the drastic situation brought about by the coronavirus. His village is in the state’s Jangalmahal area, where the internet connection is very patchy. 


Subrata Pati (Image: Saamana)

The 35-year-old, after facing several connectivity issues, decided to climb a neem tree neighbouring his home to take care of his internet troubles. Now, every morning, Subrata can be found sitting on a platform that rests on tree branches, which he made with help from his friends. The platform is made of bamboo, gunny sacks, and hay. 

"Sometimes the heat and the urge to pee bother me, but I am trying to adjust. Sometimes storms and thunderstorms damage the platform, but I try and fix it the next day. Under no circumstance I want my students to be inconvenienced," Subrata told PTI.

Having to take classes for two to three hours continuously, he also carries food and water with him for some days. The turnout for his classes is high. 

"What he does for students is exemplary. I never miss his classes, nor do my friends. He takes out time to answer our queries too," said Buddhadeb Maity, a student at RICE Education, according to The Logical Indian

"He has been very sincere about his work from the start. He is a shining example of how to surmount obstacles with hard work and willpower," added Samit Roy, Chancellor of Adamas University.

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Edited by Suman Singh