Masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor joins forces with World Central Kitchen to provide meals to healthcare workers in seven cities across the country

World Central Kitchen founded by Chef José Andres is currently dishing out 10,000 meals for frontline healthcare workers in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Gurugram, Kolkata, Goa, and Hyderabad

As the second wave of COVID-19 rages across India, Masterchef and philanthropist Sanjeev Kapoor has come forward with a heart-warming initiative. In a bid to support the healthcare workers, Chef Kapoor along with World Central Kitchen and Taj Hotels is providing free meals to the healthcare staff at various hospitals in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Gurugram, Kolkata, Goa, and Hyderabad. World Central Kitchen ( has been doing pioneering humanitarian work across the world.


The team is working to give healthcare workers, who are helping tirelessly at various hospitals food that is healthy, hygienic, and tasty.

As a part of the initiative, Chef Kapoor, World Central Kitchen, and Taj Hotels are currently actively dishing out over 10,000 meals daily for frontline workers on duty across the hospitals in these seven cities. The menu is specially curated keeping in mind their nutritional needs to fight the pandemic. The trio will further ensure all of the safety measures while creating and delivering the meals.


Speaking on the initiative, Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor said, “I got a call from World Central Kitchen which was keen to contribute towards Covid relief activities in India. We had provided for the Covid warriors in hospitals last year. With World Central Kitchen’s intent to support relief work in India, it started all again. While the financial funding would come through World Central Kitchen, we needed a partner to produce large quantity meals in a hygienic way. And, hence, we joined hands with the Taj Hotels. The intent is to give healthcare workers, who are working tirelessly at various hospitals, healthy and hygienic food that is also tasty. We are creating menus looking at the needs of each hospital as a single menu cannot fulfill all requirements. In terms of food options, we are also going with the ones that stay fresh for a long time, as they might not be able to eat it on time.”


At the moment, Sanjeev Kapoor and the team are delivering meals to Cooper Hospital & Sion Hospital in Mumbai, and a state-run civil hospital in Ahmedabad providing thousands of meals a day to the nurses and other staff members. In addition, they have also expanded their offering to other cities like Delhi, Gurugram, Kolkata, Goa and Hyderabad.


Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the celebrity chef and entrepreneur has been promptly serving the Indian community by arranging, stocking, distributing, and mobilizing food and other essential commodities throughout the period. Some of his initiatives during the lockdown in 2020 included arranging meals for doctors and medical care providers of Kasturba, KEM, and Sion Hospital in association with India’s leading homegrown hospitality brand and catering service.


Chef and celebrated entrepreneur Sanjeev Kapoor is one of the foremost and trusted faces on TV. Featured in Reader’s Digest list of 100 of India’s Most Trusted people, Sanjeev Kapoor received the prestigious Padma Shri Award in 2017 by the President of India. His popularity and contribution to Indian cuisine has been recognised by the Government of India too, who conferred on him the National award of “Best Chef of India.”

Edited by Diya Koshy George


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