From saving blackbucks to taking care of kids orphaned by COVID-19, the top social stories of this week

This week, SocialStory put the spotlight on some heartwarming stories: organisations helping children orphaned by COVID-19, changing the way we look at the climate crisis, and a man working to save blackbucks.

From saving blackbucks to taking care of kids orphaned by COVID-19, the top social stories of this week

Saturday November 20, 2021,

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In a world that’s still struggling to cope with the blows dealt by COVID-19, people have realised that lending a helping hand and doing more than their bit is what can help – themselves and others.

Be it helping children who were orphaned by the COVID-19 pandemic, changing the way we look at the climate crisis, or helping conserve blackbucks in the heart of Rajasthan, Social Story got a good share of some motivating and heart-warming stories this week.

How these teenagers are changing the way we talk about climate crisis

For the past few years, Delhi-based students — Anushree Pratap (19) and Tisya Dewan (17) — have been working with various environmental organisations. Having been part of many educational initiatives, the duo realised environmental courses taught in schools and colleges lack climate literacy.

Keen to do something about this problem, Anushree and Tisya started Nitara (means deeply rooted in Hindi) in June 2021.

Nitara is an intersectional youth initiative that undertakes various projects under the domains of environment and climate justice, equitable education, and social welfare.

Meet Anil Bishnoi who has saved over 10K blackbucks over 30 years

A resident of the Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan, Anil Bishnoi has dedicated his life to the conservation of blackbucks. For the last three decades, he has been campaigning to save them in their natural habitat, and has started an active campaign against poachers across 50 panchayats.

He has lodged more than 200 cases of poaching and nearly 24 cases reached the final stage where the poachers were sentenced to appropriate penalties.

Additionally, in his own capacity and with the help of fellow residents, Anil has built over 60 small to medium-sized water bodies to cater to the needs of the blackbucks.

Anil Bishnoi

Anil Bishnoi with some young blackbucks

Why it’s important to green the world with climate fintech

Today, there is immense climate consciousness among consumers, corporates, investors, and policymakers. They prefer greener financial services that allow them to spend, save, and invest in eco-friendly ways.

Environmental activists across social strata like Greta Thunberg, Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Gore, or Robert Downey Jr are voicing awareness, forming partnerships, and making investments to save the world from climatic catastrophes.

Fintech companies, too, are prioritising climate consciousness by embracing climate fintech. With a proven track record as disruptors and innovators, fintech firms understand shifting consumer preferences. Hence, they are well positioned to put a sustainability cap on the existential climate crisis.

How SOS Children's Villages, GiveIndia are helping kids orphaned amid COVID

The pandemic dealt many unfortunate children across the world a crippling blow. The loss of parents meant many were suddenly left alone to battle the vagaries of life at a tender age.

Children who suddenly lost their parents to COVID are not only emotionally vulnerable and face an uncertain future; they are also at greater risk of falling victim to trafficking, exploitation, child marriage, and other social evils.

One of GiveIndia's NGO partners is SOS Children's Villages of India, an organisation that works for the holistic development of parentless children, and women and children belonging to vulnerable families.

The charity also strives to provide accommodation, nutrition, education and counselling to the thousands of children who were orphaned and whose lives were uprooted during the pandemic.


Pic credit: GiveIndia

Edited by Teja Lele