5 eldercare startups that are making the lives of senior citizens easier

There has been a huge demand for eldercare support, especially after COVID-19. SocialStory has drawn up a list of eldercare startups working to disrupt this sector.

5 eldercare startups that are making the lives of senior citizens easier

Sunday July 24, 2022,

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The average human lifespan has doubled over the past 100 years, with the senior population increasing significantly as life expectancy rises.

India’s senior population is now at 134 million, with one out of every five adults in the country a senior citizen. The 60+ group is today the fastest growing segment of India.

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According to the National Statistical Office's (NSO) Elderly in India 2021 report, India's elderly population (aged 60 and above) is expected to reach 194 million in 2031, up from 138 million in 2021, a 41 percent increase over a decade.

There has been a huge demand for eldercare support, especially after COVID-19, and numerous startups and organisations are innovating to disrupt this sector.


Rahul Gupta and MP Deepu founded with an aim to redefine the lifestyle of seniors by making them more independent, engaged, and active. These include offering travel opportunities for senior citizens, products like safety solutions and easy-to-use mobile phones.

(L-R) MP Deepu and Rahul Gupta

(L-R) MP Deepu and Rahul Gupta

Seniorworld was inspired by seniors who wish to redefine the retired person stereotype and live their life to the fullest. The vision is to enable India's seniors to lead more active, engaged, independent, and fulfilling lives.


GetSetUp is a growing online community of older adults with over three million members in 160 countries, who want to learn, stay active, and connect.

The startup helps older adults stay mentally and physically fit, and creates engaging socialisation opportunities to impact social determinants of health. The platform offers live classes taught by peers who are experts in their field, social hours hosted by community members, and special events with speakers who directly address areas of interest to older adults.

60Plus India

Founded in 2021 by Arasi Arul, Oli Arul, and Vivek Raja, 60Plus India offers doctor, nurse, and physiotherapist visits, phlebotomy sample collection, and other services through its network. It also operates an ecommerce platform with products for senior citizens.

The startup aims to be a single-window go-to market network with simple hassle-free accessibility via mobile app, web interfaces, and tele-support for geriatric care. Their services include booking home visit by doctors, nurses , physiotherapists, and psychologists; home dialysis services and nurses; finding bedside attenders, caretakers, caregivers, paramedical staff etc

The platform claims to have a network of over 150 service providers in Chennai, offering home healthcare to the elderly within a year of incorporation.


Alserv is a Chennai-headquartered eldercare startup that supports senior citizens living alone in their homes. Started in January 2020, the startup is an assisted living services platform for seniors and aims to ensure their daily convenience.


Atul Jagdish, Jagadish Ramamoorthy and Saravanan Adiseshan, co-founders, Alserv

It provides eldercare under five categories – food and catering, medical, security, housekeeping and maintenance, and concierge services.

The startup connects users with doctors and healthcare providers to get diagnostic tests or checkups done at home. They can also request support for doctor visits.

Alserv also connects users with vendors to deliver homecooked meals at their address. Users can also book cooks or order grocery supplies using the app.

ElderAid Wellness

Founded in 2015, ElderAid Wellness Pvt Ltd is a social enterprise headquartered in Bangalore. It provides holistic services at home to elders, spanning healthcare, household support, concierge services, social support, and a host of other services.

It conducts wellness events and activities for elder communities around Bangalore to support elders in living full, enjoyable lives.

ElderAid takes a more holistic look at what an elder needs, providing peace of mind for the family and loved ones. The company provides end-to-end services, aiming to serve as a “proxy child” –from accompanying seniors to hospital to running household errands for them.

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