How The Product House helps over 35K people learn, earn, and build in Web 3

The Product House (TPH) is a Web 3-focussed initiative by The Product Folks—one of India’s largest volunteer-driven communities of product enthusiasts—which helps people move to the Web 3 ecosystem.

How The Product House helps over 35K people learn, earn, and build in Web 3

Tuesday June 07, 2022,

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Over the last few years, with innovation in blockchain technology gaining momentum, the need for helping people learn and move to Web 3 has never been greater.

Solving this problem statement is The Product House—a new Web 3-focussed initiative by The Product Folks—one of India’s largest volunteer-driven communities of product enthusiasts.

With TPH, co-founders Suhas Motwani, Aditya Mohanty, Parth Batra, and Abhay Jani, are helping people learn, earn, and build in Web 3.

“Over 35,000 people have signed up for our live and async learning courses, and we are aiming for one lakh people to come onboard. We are also working on a bounty and jobs platform and a resource hub for access to grants, connections, etc.,” says Suhas in an interview with The Decrypting Story.

The co-founders believe their efforts can provide people access to the right resources to get started and involved with Web 3. 

While the courses are free to view and audit for regular users, they are sponsored by the likes of Polygon, Alpha Wave, and ecosystem partners, including EPNS, Pillow, Biconomy, Coinshift, and Metamask.

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A holistic approach to Web 3

“Our community is on Discord right now. We’ve been working with some DAO tooling platforms to take our community on-chain. There aren’t many fully-functional DAOs despite being many communities. So, our community will be the beta users, and we can move onto a DAO platform once things are in place,” Suhas says.

Other firms like LearnWeb3DAO are solving for education in Web 3. However, The Product House believes its offering can be more holistic, although it would take time to build completely.

“Having options to learn, earn, and build in Web 3 on one platform can be a differentiator, but it can’t happen on day one. We are focussing on growing our community now. Once the earn and build features are ready, people can choose to use those features or just hang out with the community,” Suhas says, adding:

“Even Questbook was started to build awareness and education in Web 3. But, while such projects may go down the developer-centric path, we are taking a non-developer-centric approach.”

Users can also avail themselves of on-chain rewards as TPH community members and contribute to Web 3 projects. On completing education programmes on TPH, they can also get NFTs showcasing proof of completion of the courses.

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The Product Folks edge

The Product Folks—the larger sector-agnostic community—was started over three years ago at a mixer event for product managers in Bengaluru.

Since then, it has onboarded over 1.3 lakh members and become one of India’s largest product communities. It runs several programmes and cohort-based courses to upskill people at various stages in their product careers.

As The Product Folks’ community grew, the co-founders realised many members were interested in learning about blockchain, crypto, and other concepts in the Web 3 sector, which drove them to start The Product House— a Web 3-specific community—in 2021.

With TPH, the co-founders envision a vibrant community collaboration and building in a multi-chain future.

“As we transition to a DAO platform, we also need to build the reputation layer, where contributors are attributed for their work through NFTs or tokens once we launch them. So, we need to capture their activities now. We capture efforts in volunteering, bounties, quests, etc., and event analytics through intelligence tools,” Suhas explains.

Further, TPH offers early members NFTs commemorating their belief in the community.

“We want everyone to have equal access to knowledge, opportunities, and communities to become a part of the Web 3 ecosystem. With TPH, we hope to nudge folks into taking their first step towards the immense possibilities of Web 3,” Suhas signs off.

Edited by Suman Singh