Querying "Big" through MongoDB Atlas and GCP

About the session

The session was conducted by Ajay Raghav, Solutions Architect, MongoDB. Previously a seasoned application developer, designer and architect, Ajay has over eight years of professional experience in building products primarily on AI/ML technologies. 

Participants in this session can look forward to learning about: 

  • How to use MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud acting as an Operational Data Layer and effectively co-existing with Google BigQuery 
  • Creating a highly available and highly scalable Operational Data Store in MongoDB Atlas while keeping an Enterprise Data Warehouse in Google BigQuery up to date in near real-time 
  • To obtain broader insights by cross-referencing against other sources of data and a lot more. 

This masterclass was followed by another session on the topic “BigQuery with ML and Visualization” which was conducted by Dharmesh Vaya who is an Enterprise Cloud Architect.

Watch the session here.

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