BigQuery with ML and Visualization

About the session

This session was conducted by Dharmesh Vaya who is an Enterprise Cloud Architect. Dharmesh is a technologist known for his ability to develop enterprise applications on Cloud platforms and is also a Google Developer Expert for Google Cloud Platform & Payments while he also actively manages Google Cloud Developers Community, Mumbai.

Participants can look forward to learning about: 

  • After learning to integrate data sources into BigQuery, participants can learn to derive meaningful insights from this data and make it relevant. 
  • Learn to explore AutoML which enables developers with limited machine learning expertise to train high-quality models specific to their business needs. 
  • Dive into possibilities of self-serve BI solutions enabling ad-hoc reporting, analysis, and data mashups to build data-rich experiences tailored to every part of the business.

If you would like to watch the first masterclass on the topic “Querying "Big" through MongoDB Atlas and GCP ” which was conducted by conducted by Ajay Raghav, Solutions Architect, MongoDB, click here

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