All-natural skincare brand Hottest Ex wants you to ditch everything toxic and focus on a new you

Hottest Ex is a Delhi-based skincare product line made with naturally sourced ingredients and bio-actives. Their products are targeted primarily at 20–35-year-olds, who value their appearance but also themselves and their ideals.

All-natural skincare brand Hottest Ex wants you to ditch everything toxic and focus on a new you

Thursday August 26, 2021,

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India’s beauty industry is booming, but often lack of awareness regarding chemicals and other ingredients that go into skincare products can lead to serious skin damage.  

Hottest Ex, a skincare brand launched by self-care, beauty, and healthy lifestyle product company Prove The Point, in February 2021, is on a mission to rectify this. With an eco-conscious and cruelty-free lineup of products, this new brand creates ‘good-for-you’ skincare and propagates sustainable consumer choices.

Rakesh Krishnotula, Managing Partner, Prove The Point, explains. “We want to encourage people to ditch toxicity and take care of themselves and their skin. Apart from toxic skincare products, skin problems also occur due to toxic lifestyles and negative visions of self.

"Our philosophy at Hottest Ex is not only about breaking ties with everything toxic, but also with the ‘ex-you’ that put up with it. Hence, our products aim to inspire customers to switch to healthy lifestyles and feel confident in their own skin.”

The idea

Most Indians grew up on home remedies that passed for skincare, but somewhere along the way, fell off the natural ingredient wagon to purchase easily available over-the-counter skincare products. Now finally, they are realising the adverse effects of the ingredients in the products they purchase, and are beginning to make more conscious purchase decisions.  

Rakesh points out that the skincare industry has witnessed massive growth and a shift in perspective in recent years, with informed consumers spending increasing amounts of time researching what the brand stands for and what goes into products before loosening their purse strings. This practice has inspired skincare brands to invest in creating organic, sustainable, and natural ingredient-based products.

Hottest Ex

All Hottest Ex products are made with premium, naturally sourced ingredients and bio-actives based on sound scientific research

“Consumers now select brands that align with their personalities,” he explains, further adding, “Apart from chemical toxicity, the beauty industry has always set unrealistic beauty standards that are emotionally toxic. We aspire to change this notion with Hottest Ex. We’re not telling you how you should be, instead we encourage you to become the best version of your own self.”

The products

Hottest Ex is a brand with a plan. Having put in 35 lakh as initial investment, they have assembled a 40-member team in the few months since their launch. This team is dedicated to manufacturing their four signature products, while working on others in the pipeline.

The four products currently available are marketed as universal ones suitable for all skin types. The Antiversary is a super exfoliant, aimed at clearing the skin of spots with its powder-to-foam cleansing formula. Next in line is Ghosted, a superfood biome mask to purify the skin and simulate a natural glow. Their third product, a stimulating hydrating mask called Closure is described as a souffle that brightens the skin. The fourth one is Manicorn, a glow water containing antioxidants.

Apart from the individual products, one can purchase five combination sets with interesting names - To-Do, Head Over Heels, Wishlist, Nevertheless, and Whole Hearted. These sets are designed to be used in conjunction, daily and/or weekly as a complete skincare regime.

The products, currently available on their website and ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart, are shipped all over India. Individual products range from Rs 950 to Rs 1,199, and the combination sets are priced upwards of Rs 2,000.

What sets them apart

Rakesh says the skincare range represents the aspirations of today’s bold, unstoppable and unapologetic generation.

“The brand promotes a culture of self-care with superior quality products, consumer engagement, and experience strategy, moving away from conventional skincare that focuses on outward functional benefits,” he says.

He claims that all products are made with premium, naturally sourced ingredients and bio-actives based on sound scientific research. They contain no harsh chemicals or additives like sulphates, silicones, parabens, artificial fragrances, GMOs, or glycols.

Their products are targeted primarily at 20–35-year-olds, who value their appearance but also themselves. This group is willing to experiment and try new products before deciding what aligns with their skin type as well as their ideals and personal preferences, such as products that are cruelty-free, non-toxic, clean, vegan, natural and sustainably made.

Catering to these demands is what sets Hottest Ex apart from its competitors on the market.

The brand’s quirky nomenclature and packaging references common Gen Z lingo to instantly grab the buyer’s attention. “We wanted to provide our audience with an international brand experience that goes with our philosophy - inducing a culture of self-care by providing superior quality products,” Rakesh says.

Plans for growth

The team at Hottest Ex is currently relying on digital platforms and social media promotions to spread awareness about their new brand. Collaborations with influencers that align with their ideology have also helped spread the word.

New products are set to be launched within a year, and the team hopes to spread their presence internationally as well.

With striking branding and the promise of clean and effective skincare, the brand is likely to appeal to youngsters, for whom personal care is an immersive experience where products are chosen only if they complement their lifestyles and overall wellbeing.

Edited by Teja Lele