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Best of Weekender: A nutrition brand focused on lifestyle diseases, a unique straw, and pet relocation made hassle-free

This week on YS Weekender, check out the unique straw that will get your children to drink their milk, a startup that specialises in domestic and international pet relocation, and ways to improve your gut health.

Best of Weekender: A nutrition brand focused on lifestyle diseases, a unique straw, and pet relocation made hassle-free

Sunday May 08, 2022,

3 min Read

True wellness comes from within, and no one knows this better than Noida-based nutritional supplements company Yoga Brands.

Founded by Abhishek Gagneja in 2019, it aims to solve the age-old problem of obesity and unhealthy lifestyle-related diseases in India through its specialised products aimed at weight management, sports nutrition, and general wellness.

Under the Yoga Brands umbrella, two brands — Ketogen and Goodlife Nutrition — work on a direct-to-consumer (D2C) model through its website and marketplaces. Its third brand PRO NUTRITION is available in over 40 multi-brand wellness stores and is on the way to further expansion.

Yoga Brands

Today, most well off travellers or those taking up work assignments abroad, don’t want to leave their pets behind while relocating — this is where Carry My Pet comes to their rescue. 


With a team of 50 passionate pet lovers, the pet relocation startup aims to simplify the complex process of pet transportation, and helps transfer pets internationally (export and import) and domestically. 


Founded in 2019 by two brothers and pet lovers — Faisal Islam and Aamir Islam, the Gurugram-based startup provides safe pet travel, including international pet relocation export and import, domestic pet relocation India, rabies titre test, pet quarantine, and pet microchip.


Besides, Carry My Pet also sells products for dogs and cats like pet crates, harnesses, beds, toys, accessories, and travel essentials.

Carry My Pet

Getting children to drink their milk can be quite a task. Hence, many parents have relied on sugary milk-flavouring options for decades. Fortunately, now they can cut their sugar intake significantly by using a simple device to flavour their children’s drinks – a straw!

Indore-based company Bourgeon Foods has introduced a truly innovative product to the market called Strawfit. Founded by brothers Shashank Jain and Rajat Jain in 2019, this patented straw is one you wouldn’t want to throw away.

This unique patented product flavours the milk it is added to and acts as the perfect replacement for sugary and preservative-heavy milk flavours and additives.


Around six years ago, Nikhil Sharma, aka Mumbiker Nikhil, began moto vlogging. And his video travelling from Kashmir to Kanyakumari on his motorbike caught viewers’ attention. When asked about the journey, he humbly replied, "it was fun."

Initially, he would travel only 50 to 100 km every day as long-distance travelling was not really a thing back then. One day, he decided to travel outside of Mumbai to cities such as Ajmer and Bengaluru.

He is one of the YouTubers who popularised moto vlogging in India and influenced several budding travellers.

Gut health is at the core of all health. If we look through functional medicine or Ayurveda, we come to this very same conclusion. Ayurveda has always spoken about how the state of Agni is at the core of the disease development process. This is because poor digestion causes a build-up of metabolic waste, and this accumulation of toxins from ajeerna, or poor digestion, leads to disease.

In functional medicine, the last decade has been the age of the microbiome, where extensive research into understanding the power of the gut and the subsequent development of gut centric protocols and nutrients has been at the forefront.

Edited by Anju Narayanan