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Co-existing with technology is the only way to exist in future

Co-existing with technology is the only way to exist in future

Tuesday November 30, 2021,

5 min Read

What do we do first thing in the morning, right after we wake up? Well, many of us pick up our phones and scroll through WhatsApp messages, read news, check Instagram updates, and emails.

And in case there is an important email that needs to be addressed on priority, we instantly switch from our smartphones to either the laptop or tab to initiate the work. We also keep checking our phones every 10 minutes or less, even if we have no alerts or notifications.

Be it for virtual long meetings, back to back, or students attending online classes, there is no denying that we are highly dependent on technology, which has become an inevitable part of our everyday lives.

In fact, the outbreak of the pandemic simply accelerated our use of technology. With social distancing, norms imposed that restricted gathering or face-to-face meetings, technology has been the only safe medium to connect with the outside world.

A report by Cisco further highlights that mobile connectivity is expected to grow in the years to come - as over 70 percent of the global population will have mobile connectivity by 2023, and at the same time, the total number of global mobile subscribers will also reach 5.7 billion from 5.1 billion in 2018.

Besides mobile phones, we have laptops, tabs, smart TV, Wi-Fi routers, etc., that play an equally important role in our daily routine - helping us execute our work, play games, binge-watch series or movies as well as help students to study. In addition, the Wi-Fi router is always ‘on’ as a day without the internet is hard to survive.

Simultaneously, rapidly growing new-age technologies such as industrial robots, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are gradually disrupting age-old business practices. Therefore, organisations today are heavily investing in leveraging the capabilities of these technologies to make business advancements. Hence, it’s no secret that we are already co-existing with technology and it will be the only way to exist even in the future.

However, there is a hard truth attached to it!

While technology is playing a miraculous role in our lives as well as in redefining or revolutionising businesses by helping them bring new innovations, it is also creating a danger zone for mankind.

These gadgets are emanating harmful emissions, also known as ElectroSmog or e-smog that are affecting our overall immunity and well-being, bit by bit. It is because we are constantly surrounded by these unseen and unfelt threats. And these immunity thieves are leaving an impact on each one of us.

The threats and the solution

Overuse of gadgets is directly exposing us to negative emissions, which is resulting in several physical as well as mental problems that may also cause permanent damage to our health and well-being in the long run. The river of negative impact includes fueling anxiety, stress, suffering from sleep disorders, headaches as well as behavioural changes among us.

Since technology is one of the crucial aspects of both human life and businesses, the only way forward is to use it responsibly. By taking small but iconic steps, we can reduce gadget addiction in our daily lives, which will eventually minimise our exposure to the existing threats in the long run.

On a personal level, precautionary steps like maintaining an appropriate distance from these gadgets when using them can be helpful.

Eliminate nomophobia tendency

We tend to charge our battery even when our phone is almost fully charged. We take our smartphones with us everywhere we go, even into the washroom. Yes, we are in this habit of constantly checking our phones even when we have not received any notification.

And so it’s important to get rid of these habits. Having our phone with us all the time means we are perpetually exposed to negative emissions.  

Limit usage time of social media

Either we are sitting idle or we take a break for five minutes, we randomly browse/scroll through social media apps on our mobile phones, tablets, and so on, which sometimes turns into 15 minutes or more.

But what we need to do is limit this usage time.

Instead of scrolling through social media feeds, we can invest that time to take a quick walk. This will helps us in distancing ourselves from these gadgets and in reducing the effect of e-smog.

Creating more awareness

Self-awareness is the key to reducing slow damage done silently by ElectroSmog. This is necessary to know so that we can consciously implement precautionary measures, find credible solutions, and keep these negative energies at bay.

Innovative solutions

With the advancement of technology, there are already scientifically validated solutions available in the market. These non-intrusive, fix-and-forget solutions not just provide personal protection to us and our families but also create a 'zone of immunity' around our working or living spaces.

Technology and gadgets are undoubtedly making our lives easier than before. However, overuse of anything makes it worse. The best way is to use technology amicably to eliminate the silent threats brought by these man-made gadgets. So go ahead and take the step towards your well-being right now.

Edited by Megha Reddy

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)