This Delhi-based pet bakery offers tasty and healthy goodies for your fur babies

Delhi-based Paw Petisserie makes tasty treats for pet dogs and cats using only premium pet-friendly ingredients.

This Delhi-based pet bakery offers tasty and healthy goodies for your fur babies

Friday February 11, 2022,

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Valentine’s Day is sold to all and sundry as the day to celebrate romantic relationships with significant others. But what about our equally important human and pet baby relationships?

Fortunately, Delhi-based Paw Petisserie — an exclusive bakery for pets launched by Yashika Arora in 2017 — is here to address the needs of the latter.

“Paw Petisserie emerged from the pure joy and love for our pets. After my pet Cristo entered my life, I started creating pet-friendly baked goods to ensure he has access to the best treats. This venture escalated into making high-quality goodies for other pooches too. Ultimately, we want to ensure our loved ones receive nothing but the best,” Yashika shares with a smile as she chats with YS Weekender

She continues, “All our items are made with only pet-safe ingredients, keeping their health in mind. We are always experimenting in our kitchen and add new goodies to our menu regularly. Our handcrafted cakes, cupcakes, and treats are the perfect blend of love and goodness made from real ingredients.”

Paw Petisserie

The vision

After attaining a Bachelors in UX Design from Pune, and working with a few companies in this field, Yashika tried her hand at her family business. However, she soon realised her calling lay elsewhere. Baking and her pooch Cristo were two passions she happily combined to find the right vocation for herself. 

“I opened Paw Petisserie with the sole vision of helping pet parents like me — to be cautious of their pet’s health. From the very beginning, I realised most of the food we eat daily can be harmful or toxic for our pets, so I experimented with different types of food and treats made with healthy ingredients for my dog. Fortunately, people are now very concerned about their pets’ health, and they make sure to buy the right products for their overall wellbeing,” she says.

A spin on the word ‘Patisserie’, Paw Petisserie was the perfect name for Yashika’s business. Though the pandemic has driven a sharp focus on health concerns, the brand started well before it. She emphatically asserts, “Making healthy goodies for pets has always been our biggest priority — that is the very foundation our brand was built on!”

Paw Petisserie

The bakery caters to both dogs and cats, with mostly all the products on the menu suitable for both. Cat babies enjoy its selection of products, such as Fish Jerky, Chicken Jerky, Salmon Jerky, Salami, Duck Jerky and Pork Jerky.

While Paw Petisserie ships goodies pan-India through its website, some of the more tricky items like cakes, cupcakes, and ice creams have restricted delivery in Delhi and Gurugram. Word spreads mostly through social media and satisfied customers. 

She adds, “It’s great to see India moving in the right direction of becoming a pet-friendly nation, but we still need to put in more effort as a pet community to ensure lasting change. One way to do this is by ensuring people are careful about what they feed their pets as many are not aware of what can be harmful or toxic for their pet family members.”

What’s on offer

Paw Petisserie’s products include fresh biscuits in a variety of flavours like chicken, rice and coconut, cheese, peanut butter, and mutton; jerky in flavours like pork, salmon, duck, and fish; ice creams in chicken, mutton, salmon, banana, strawberry and coconut, blueberry and banana, peanut butter and banana, carob and peanut butter, sweet potato and chicken, apple and mango flavour (when it’s in season); and carob brownies, strawberry jam, apple jam, carob peanut butter fudge, organic peanut butter, banana and peanut butter strips, and dried bacon strips. 

One can also try Paw Petisserie’s food enhancer powders and mini loaves in banana bread and coconut bread varieties. The bakery’s cutest offering, however, is its name engraved biscuits, which makes great gifts for other pet parents. 

Paw Petisserie

Paw Petisserie also has a special merchandise collection with a Harry Potter theme and includes dog beds, leashes, bow ties, bowls, collars, mats, and other pet goodies. Pricing begins from Rs 180 per cupcake and goes up to Rs 3,399 for its Harry Potter-themed dog beds.

All products are natural and free of any preservatives and sugar. Baked goods can also be personalised as per the preference of pets with a variety of flavours. 

Though everything is popular, Yashika believes the bakery’s signature products are its chips. Its mutton chips and chicken and cheese chips varieties are enjoyed by almost all its furry customers. Yashika confidently asserts that no other pet bakery makes baked chips for pets.

“We are always adding new things to our menu, especially for festivals and occasions. We love experimenting and coming up with new recipes. For Valentine’s Day, we have special Valentine hampers. The mini ones, priced at Rs 649, contain coconut paw-shaped biscuits and carob and peanut butter heart-shaped brownies, and the Doggie Valentine Hamper, at Rs 799, comes with an additional doggie carob mousse with whipping cream and cream cheese with no added sugar,” she shares.

Rewards and accolades

According to, the Indian pet food market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.64 percent from 2021 to 2026. This phenomenal growth can be attributed to the growing pet population, increasing product innovations in the pet food industry, more exposure to global practices, and most importantly, consumer preference for premium-quality pet food products, leading to an increase in demand for healthy and organic pet food. Hence, Yashika’s venture Paw Petisserie is on the path to success.

She began with an initial investment of around Rs 50,000, which she put in herself. Besides continued sales and growth, her rise is evident from the awards she has won over the years. Paw Petisserie received the ‘Upcoming Baker’ Award at the PetFed in 2018, and the ‘Upcoming Baker and Chef’ Award at the PetFed in 2019.
Paw Petisserie

She shares with pride, “It really warms my heart when customers give me positive feedback. One of them had a pet who was ill and wasn’t eating anything except for our treats, so they administered her medication through that. Another one told us that her dog refused to eat food if our treats weren’t part of the meal. One even told us that her dog recognises our packaging and jumps with joy whenever our goodies arrive!”

The love of customers is apparent from the rave reviews the brand receives. Honey Aulakh, a pet mom to three dogs, found the bakery on Instagram and lauds their service, which she calls ‘exceptional’. She particularly likes the fact that one can ask for grain-free substitutions. 

Paw Petisserie’s competition includes brands like Puppychino Delhi, Floof Bakery, Doodle Over Poodle, and Bark On Gourmet Doggie Bakery, yet Yashika feels there is space for everyone in this sector.

She ends with, “It is quite challenging to make products using only pet-safe ingredients that are also appealing to the eye. However, that is our signature. We aim to continue providing a large variety of bakery and confectionary items made with pet-safe ingredients.”

Edited by Suman Singh