Watch: Author Srishti Chaudhary on the art of fiction writing, and her latest novel ‘Lallan Sweets’

In a candid video chat with YSWeekender on the art of fiction writing, Delhi-based author Srishti Chaudhary explains how she creates well-rounded characters, builds an engaging plot, and interweaves them into engaging and heart-warming stories based on familiar themes.

Watch: Author Srishti Chaudhary on the art of fiction writing, and her latest novel ‘Lallan Sweets’

Saturday July 25, 2020,

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Reading a light-hearted fiction novel at the end of an exhausting day comes naturally to most avid readers. It can be quite comforting and wondrous to be immersed in a fantastical world created by an author.

But fiction writing is no easy task. Creating three-dimensional characters, mapping out an engaging plot and showing the story unfold is hard work -and is a process that can take years to master.

As Srishti Chaudhary launches her second fiction novel, titled ‘Lallan Sweets’, YSWeekender had a candid video chat with the Delhi-based author and discussed the tips and tricks of the trade of fiction writing.

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Author Srishti Chaudhary and the cover of her latest novel 'Lallan Sweets'

How does one create well-rounded characters and give them a life of their own? How should an author create meaningful situations that allow the characters to interact?

During the video chat, Srishti answered these questions and a whole lot more, giving budding and existing writers actionable insights into the art of fiction writing.

“The characters I build are a synthesis of various people I have met in my life, and also of my own desire to live a second life through these characters. If you want to write, you have to be a good observer, talk to a lot of people, and get as much exposure as you can. Characters can't be perfect or flat. They are humans too and should have flaws, be funny, and do stupid things,” she said.

Srishti recounted her journey starting as a writer whose first few characters didn’t feel real or contribute to her story. Now, she has evolved into an author whose well-rounded characters find themselves in intricately-woven yet heartwarming fiction novels published by Penguin Random House.

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