Gyms and gadgets: Here are 5 ways to stay fit in a digitally integrated world

As gyms gradually open, everyone is gearing up to get back into shape. Here are the five tech-enabled fitness trends that are popular now, says Dinesh Godara, Founder and CEO, TREAD

Gyms and gadgets: Here are 5 ways to stay fit in a digitally integrated world

Monday October 19, 2020,

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The pandemic has disturbed the lives of one and all, including the routines of fitness enthusiasts and gym owners who have not been able to follow and implement an outdoor fitness regime for long. With most fitness clubs being forced shut due to local, state, and/or federal regulations around COVID-19, both gym owners and gym-goers have had to stay at home.


There is a new normal for fitness enthusiasts now

Even with the gradual opening of gyms, the COVID-19 Safety regulations clearly underline that one must practise social distancing and other safety precautions, which prohibit huge gatherings like group fitness sessions.

Due to this new environment, the role of digitally-driven technology to aid a seamless experience for fitness lovers has become the new reality. Online fitness training sessions are the new normal with gyms adapting to a hybrid model for their clients.

Here are five trends that will be popular in a digitally-integrated world...

Digital fitness

With Covid-19 hitting the world, everything went digital and so did gyms. Today, gyms have integrated software that allows you to be a part of online training sessions with your fitness trainers. This software also enables you to book your gym slots, participate in online sessions and track your progress.

At the same time, you can also adapt to the newly developed hybrid models where there is a balance between going to the gyms and taking part in online sessions. With additional facilities like the Contactless Gym Experience, Higher Hygiene-Higher Safety norms, Tech-enabled Social Distancing and regulating everything online - the online gym experience has become safer and easier.  

Virtual trainers


Fitness trainers are all set for virtual classes

The excessive fees of the gym/fitness trainers, especially in the current situation can sometimes be very irrational and in such cases, the virtual route is the best. You can work out with a trainer with the help of your mobile/laptop and get the same training and guidance at relatively lower costs.

This online coaching has all the advantages that a real-life training session has, along with the added benefit of having the guidance from the best trainers in the country from the comfort of your home.

High-tech fitness boutiques


Technology will be the hallmark of fitness programmes

The fitness industry has seen a major transformation with the inclusion of high-tech fitness equipment in the gyms. It is good to enhance your gym experience with advanced gear like full-body electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) suits that are said to improve your workout benefits three times more than a workout routine without the use of EMS.

That is not all. Some other advanced elements like Bulletproof Labs that use different types of tech - like The Cheat Machine and The Vibe - are highly beneficial for those who are looking for an upward trajectory in their fitness journey.

Live workouts

Live fitness classes along with spinning classes are the new normal today amongst the fitness enthusiasts.

This trend is only bound to grow as it provides not just live fitness training but also a chance to connect with diverse workout communities from any part of the world and in your own space. These live workout sessions are affordable, diverse in their training structure and can be easily modulated, based on your needs.

This is what we truly call the digital connect! You can also record these sessions to have a look at your trainer’s instructions and as an added benefit can share the same with your friends and colleagues. However, it is always advisable to train only under expert supervision.

Wearable tech and smart clothing


Wearable tech is very popular now

Wearable fitness gadgets such as vibrating leggings that provide you with a reaction in the form of feedback while you are working out are some of the many digital innovations that can help you enhance your fitness graph.

These gadgets help you keep proper alignment through your sessions. Also, the very popular and advanced smartwatches and fitness trackers are becoming the new best friend for all gym-going youth. These gadgets are extremely helpful in collecting important health metrics and give a precise update on your weight loss or gym training.

The data collected is highly beneficial in developing a healthy lifestyle as it enhances exercise efficiency. Numerous wearable techs and different types of smart clothing are now available in the market, due to the high demand by fitness enthusiasts.

While the pandemic has had numerous adverse effects, one positive side was the extensive focus on digitally advanced tech in every sphere of life, including fitness that has opened a plethora of options for the world.

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