[YS Exclusive] ‘Gully Boy’ Naezy speaks on the hip hop scene, and following a passion



Few knew about the underground hip hop scene until Gully Boy hit the silver screens. And now, everyone knows about it. They also know rappers Naezy and Divine – on whose lives the film is loosly based.


In an exclusive interaction with YourStory, Naezy talks about how the movie will get people talking about, and even appreciating, the art form. “It is good that movies like these are happening. The hard work we have put in over the last four-five years will come before the masses and we are getting the exposure that we deserve."


He adds that because of the movie, rappers will get more work on tours and movies, and recognition from brands. 


On how the film was received by his family, Naezy says it did not really make a difference to them. For them, the film was “just another project”, he says. Naezy’s parents, he says, were never supportive of him being a rapper, but that did not stop him from pursuing his passion as a career. 


Naezy recently launched his single with international rapper Nas, Divine and actor Ranveer Singh. The song, named ‘NY se Mumbai’, has been widely appreciated and says Naezy, “We’ve been listening to Nas since our early days, and we’ve been a big fan of his”.


“For an artist, there should be a zone where he starts creating his work,’’ says Naezy. He adds he prefers writing while traveling. He also says women rappers must now take the centrestage to talk about the issues they face.


There is a host of things Naezy talks about - the hip-hop scene in India, Gully Boy, and much more. Watch the full interview to know more. 


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