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Health and nutrition mantras for entrepreneurs in 2021

The health of an organisation is directly proportional to the wellbeing of its top brass. Thus, it is extremely important for entrepreneurs to practice a healthy lifestyle.

Health and nutrition mantras for entrepreneurs in 2021

Sunday March 07, 2021,

5 min Read

Being an entrepreneur has its own set of challenges. The gradual ascent and inherent struggle that defines every entrepreneurial journey are by no means, ‘a walk in the park’. The ride can get even rougher if business leaders are not able to juggle their professional and personal aspects of life.

The intense work pressure and numerous responsibilities that an entrepreneur holds towards their organisation, peers, employees, and society can take a serious toll on one’s mental and physical health. 

It is extremely important for entrepreneurs to practice a healthy lifestyle to beat the countless sources of stress that can erupt at any point. After all, the health of an organisation is directly proportional to the wellbeing of its top brass.


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Here are some tried and tested health and nutrition tips for business leaders in the present business environment:

Switch to a clean and plant-based diet

We are all aware of the harmful additives, synthetic agents, preservatives, and mycotoxins that are present in processed food and the toxic effect they can have on one’s health. Having a clean and plant-based diet rich in macro and micronutrients improves your overall gut and organ health so you are better able to absorb the nutrients. 

Therefore, it is essential for business leaders to adopt a more health-friendly diet consisting of whole grains, fresh fruits, green vegetables, and other plant-based options. 
plant based diet

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These are not only easier to digest but also effective in decreasing the chance of contracting major ailments and diseases caused by eating a diet rich in ultra-processed products. When your body and mind are in great shape, you will naturally be a better version of yourself.  

Eat green leafy vegetables                                             

The health advantages of consuming green leafy vegetables are universally recognised. They form a fundamental constituent of any healthy diet. They are loaded with several essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fibres while being low in calories. 

They also contain natural antioxidants and offer numerous health benefits, such as curbing the risk of major chronic disorders such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, mental conditions, etc. 

green leafy vegetables

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Eating green leafy vegetables regularly also helps in improving one’s overall immunity levels. All the more reason for entrepreneurs and business owners to gorge on green leafy vegetables and fruits in the post-COVID scenario.

Exercise for better sleep and to reduce stress

Sitting long hours before computer screens, attending conferences and business meet-ups with clients, directing operations at various levels, and the list goes on. Living the life of an entrepreneur means devoting most of your day to company affairs. 

This calls for a greater emphasis on allocating some time for exercise. It is essential to dedicate at least 30 minutes every day to any kind of physical workout. Whether running, jogging, cardio or spending a while at the gym, it all counts. If you are unable to find the necessary time for exercise on account of your erratic schedule, you can improvise your daily tasks to increase your physical output. 

how does exercise release stress

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For instance, instead of taking the lift, you can utilise the stairs. Make sure that you are confined to your seat and take regular walking breaks. Keep yourself hydrated and stretch often. Getting some amount of exercise is a must for every entrepreneur not only for the sake of physical wellbeing but also for enhancing one’s mental and leadership capacity.

Slow down and take some time out

After a day of hustling and bustling at the office, it is essential to ensure a little breather. This involves allowing some free time for your body and mind from a hectic day. You can start by switching off your phones and laptops and avoiding all electronic screens and gadgets. Immerse yourself in your personal ‘Nirvana’ zone by listening to the soothing music of your choice, or indulging in your favourite hobbies.

Activities like gardening, playing an instrument or simply walking your dog are all considered helpful in busting piling stress levels. 

Source: Shutterstock

Switch to a clean diet that can help you detoxify better. Every now and then, spending some time in the laps of Mother Nature is also a great way of rejuvenating your body and mind.  

Practice mindfulness meditation

Practising mindfulness and meditation every day can help in dealing with the most stressful situations amicably. Meditation allows you to unlock your true potential by heightening your self-awareness level and attuning you to the essential rhythm of life. 

Several types of research have shown that entrepreneurs who sincerely meditate every day are much more successful in resolving high-pressure challenges. While meditation aids in improving your imaginative, creative, and management faculties, it is also beneficial in enhancing one’s overall focus levels and curbing negativity. 


Similarly, Yoga is great for improving overall health, vitality, coordination, and balance in the body. It is considered one of the most effective stress-management mantras. Practising yoga is also a sure-shot method of keeping duress and lifestyle-related diseases at bay.

Spend time with your loved ones

Never forget to take time out for your near and dear ones. A healthy work-life balance always helps unwind and keep the stress at bay. 

A healthy life is imperative for all entrepreneurs and has numerous benefits. Not only does it help in instilling a sense of faith and dynamism in its employees, but it also proves impactful in raising the overall productivity and work-spirit of the entire organisation. Therefore, living a healthy and vibrant life should be the topmost priority for all entrepreneurs.  

Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta